Download whatsapp plus whatsapp2+ latest version

whatsapp plus is considered whatsapp2+ . From the first versions that were modified from the official WhatsApp, the developers were able to derive modified applications such as WhatsApp Blue, WhatsApp Omar and many names. If you want to download WhatsApp Plus, you are on the page dedicated to that.

The free WhatsApp Blue Plus, this version is one of the golden WhatsApp versions. It was launched in the buy and sell market in 2012 and was removed by Google Play as "illegal". While whatsapp2plus was improved by Abu Arab, Saddam Al-Rifai and Fiqh, and this version has many, many features and characteristics unlike the "normal" green WhatsApp .

Download whatsapp plus whatsapp2plus

Download WhatsApp Plus Alzaq apk latest version

WhatsApp Blue WhatsApp2+ has many features, which is why users prefer WhatsApp Plus. These are the add-ons and enable them to better control the privacy, we show some of the advantages in the following points.

People can't delete their messages after sending it even if it's deleted Don't delete from the receiver.
Delete the "Message Forwarded" tag from messages that you have transferred from one chat to another.
You can control the blue health by appearing after responding to people.
You can hide the status view and you can view the statuses completely confidentially without knowing the person whose statuses you have viewed.
You can hide the story from some people you don't want to see your statuses.
Prevent deletion of the status even if it is deleted at the sender, do not delete at the receiver.
Increase some emoji and emoji.
In addition to the automatic reply and the multiplicity of hides such as “hide the appearance, the writing, the sound recording, the two blue health”, the multiplicity of themes and the increase in the number of message sharing.

How to install blue whatsapp plus 2+ 2022

Download or download WhatsApp Plus from below When the download is complete, click on the app you downloaded to start the installation
Install it if you have a previous version with the same name, install it without deleting the previous version.

When the installation process is completed, you can communicate with your friends easily and quickly after the installation is completed.

Through these steps, the blue WhatsApp Plus is installed in your mobile phone. Which works on the Android system and then you will find all the ease in communicating with your friends, recording voice and making phone calls using WhatsApp Plus. But downloading this WhatsApp depends on whether you have an old account or want to register a new account with a phone number.

WhatsApp Plus 2 settings

The application includes a set of different "settings" menus that can be used. The settings are among the options that appear when you press the three dots at the top of the screen. We will discuss some of these settings, including:

  • Themes: In WhatsApp Plus, you can change the official look of WhatsApp through the themes available in it.
  • Additions: including adding emojis and emoticons, as well as adding backgrounds for whatsapp3+ and some stickers.
  • There are more settings that you will be able to know by downloading the blue WhatsApp Plus.

Link to download whatsapp2+ WhatsApp Plus 2022

WhatsApp Blue Plus: The registration method for all versions of WhatsApp is almost the same. This depends on the presence of a phone number and the version of WhatsApp "to be used", after which you write some of your data. Such as the name and number and a code will then be sent to the phone in which the chip is located, thus registering and logging into your new account in whatsapp2+ plus.

Blue WhatsApp Plus download links, choose the version you want

baixar whatsapp plus To activate a second number

To turn on a third number

How to use blue whatsapp+2 plus

Whatsapp plue apk : This app is used for communicating with friends, fast instant messaging, phone calls and totally free video calls. And the creation of private “groups” groups, and this is done in the event that your phone is connected to the Internet. And now we will discuss some of the points and items that you can get when you download WhatsApp Plus:


Sending and receiving messages: This is when you download any version of WhatsApp Plus. This is done by receiving and sending text emails to anyone who is on your contacts "who are on the main screen of the WhatsApp Plus version". In addition to the ability to save stickers of friends that they send to you, and send voice messages "Voices" and other emojis.

secondly :

Making "groups" groups on the WhatsApp Blue application: You can create groups for multiple purposes. For example, making a group in which only photos are sent and another for videos only. There are also quotes, including chats, whether they are work chats or others, by selecting the people you want in your group. There is a link to the group if you want to publish it, copy it first.

Third :

Free voice calls: by entering the chat of the person you want to call. At the top of the screen there is a sign for a phone, press it and the connection will be made, and you will be able to talk to him quickly and for free, and this happens if you are connected to the Internet.


Free video calls: The way a video call works is no different from an audio call. They are both the same way but you have to click in the place of the video call and not the audio call. In addition, you can enjoy the features of video calls in whatsapp2+ with the special filters found in the blue WhatsApp.

Disadvantages of whatsapp2+ blue

In this type of WhatsApp version, you cannot download it on the iPhone system, but only on the Android system. Plus you can't use it on PC. Unlike the golden WhatsApp, you can use it on the computer and on the mobile phone together, but .

Information about whatsapp2plus

  • His name: WhatsApp Blue Plus
  • The latest version
  • Size: 52.4MB
  • License: Free
  • Themes: multi-themes
  • Some features: Hide and archive chats

download WhatsApp Plus legal?

The blue WhatsApp2+ WhatsApp Plus application is not licensed by Google Play, but you can download it from any other site. This app has been called and accused of being against the law, but it never is.

Is there a downside to downloading whatsapp plus plus for Android phone Yes, there are some negative qualities that the blue WhatsApp Plus application has. We will address it in the following points:
• Slow developments: You have to wait for months for modifications that may annoy the user, and these updates are irregular.
• Legality of the WhatsApp Plus application: Since WhatsApp Plus is not available on Google Play , the officially known and legal store, there are problems with this application as it is not considered purely legal because Google Play has been removed from its store.
• Security problems: It is said that you should be careful when you use whatsapp2+ from WhatsApp versions. Because it is vulnerable to spying but this is an unproven claim only to bring users to the original version.

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