Download Hawa WhatsApp Violet and Red 2021

The violet WhatsApp Hawa 2022 - Who among us in this year 2021 or earlier does not hear about social media applications and it has received a great sensation in all countries of the world, of course it is used to exchange text messages, group and individual calls in addition to sending videos and pictures and searching for New friends who are in the same country or region that you currently live in.

Download the Yemeni legend WhatsApp Violet and Red Purple

Of course, each application differs from the other with a lot of features, and we also know that Facebook specializes in publishing daily news and instant messaging in addition to creating funded ads, as well as Twitter provides you with the same function, but some applications have another specialization such as: WhatsApp allows you to correspond by adding a number People from your contacts so you can chat with them.

Download WhatsApp Violet and Red 2021

But we found that there are some flaws in the official WhatsApp application that is available on Google Play, the first of which is the inability to set a secret code for the application to increase its protection from intruders and also the failure to send pictures and videos in high quality and other problems, and today we will put you WhatsApp Pink Eve 2021, it is very similar From WhatsApp Aero .

What is the red Eve WhatsApp 2021?

It is an application that is modified by the global developer / Omar Badeeb saved and sponsored it, working to help all people who suffer from the presence of some negatives, for example: preventing the deletion of messages that people delete from their accounts with everyone, so the programmer modified WhatsApp And he adds a lot of new tools to it.

Download WhatsApp Hawa against ban

You can get more different themes, you will find more than 2548 themes and each one you will find in it different new shapes and colors and thus allows you to modify it by adding some professional touches, for example changing the colors on the main screen and inside the conversations, etc., the program will allow you By exchanging the images in their original quality, as we sometimes find some people wanting a high-definition image, so we resort to activating the option only temporarily or forever.

On the other hand, you can hide the status watch, meaning that you enter all the statuses of friends without knowing that you saw it, you will find in WhatsApp Black Eve 2021 many emojis in all their different forms except for Samsung, BlackBerry, iPhone and other Vsat that give a wonderful appearance to WhatsApp , You can download more of them from their store.

What are the features of WhatsApp, a new version

  • The existence of the Holy Quran in full.
  • Inside the fortress of the Muslim books are available, as it contains more than 248 hadiths and new books that are renewed monthly.
  • Inside you will find the times of the Azan and prayer times.
  • Icons of various colors have been added as well as logos of the soccer teams.
  • Adding the stories of the prophets, morning and evening dhikr, in addition to the dhikr after the obligatory prayers.
  • Having an option to know the weather in the area you are in.
  • Download all photos and videos in the case of your friends.
  • Hide Writing in Groups ...
  • You can do anonymous messaging, meaning you can chat without storing the phone number.
  • WhatsApp Eve allows you to send video clips of up to 46 MB.
  • Hide two reading pages.
  • Activate the animation effects feature.
  • Create a custom background for each conversation you want.
  • Find out who mentioned you in the group.
  • Hide your last seen.
  • A new section contains Alsturi cases.
  • You get a notification about a personal photo change.
  • Limiting some people to not be able to contact you at any time.
  • Hide the correct receipt (sometimes the messages will be delayed a little).
  • The presence of a distinct green button to download cases, as available in WhatsApp Gold .
  • Change the notification icon, you will find that there are 46 new skins that you can choose.
  • (New) The ability to send images in high quality.
  • Supports all Android devices except old or new.
  • Get more fonts for more than 37 fonts.
  • Close WhatsApp Eve latest version for the rest of the applications.
  • Set a pattern password or fingerprint.
  • Back up all your data.
  • Increase the number of people in group messages, as it includes more than 946 members.
  • Change colors in upper and lower bar and inside conversations.

What's new in WhatsApp Hawa v22

  • Based on the latest version of Google Play (
  • Make the copy more extended.
  • New Arabic and English fonts have been added.
  • There are wonderful bubbles in Eve Violet WhatsApp.
  • A new option to change the image of a group through Google search.
  • The copy is against ban by the parent company.
  • Fixed an issue where photos were not sent in groups.
  • Fixed an issue with hiding the floating button.

What's new in WhatsApp Hawa v21

  • It is based on a version available in the market with the number (
  • (New) The presence of the feature to hide messages.
  • An option to remove (read more) when someone sends you a very long message.
  • You will find a small circle at the bottom of your profile picture in green so that you know that your friend is online now.
  • Show the blue checkbox when you reply within groups.
  • With WhatsApp, you can stop the automatic downloading of videos and photos.
  • Allow the notifications that appear when your friend is online now.
  • (New) You can upload themes in ZIP format.
  • The number of styles has been increased.
  • New option for archiving messages.
  • Completely hide archived messages.
  • Fix problem app is not installed.
  • Fixed some problems with the message counter

Download WhatsApp Violet and Red 2021

It won the approval of many people from all countries of the world, and the developer said that its users exceeded 500 thousand and more because it has many new features and additions that it brings out monthly in continuous updates, in conclusion we finished explaining everything to you, any inquiry please contact us.

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