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WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab - Undoubtedly everyone around the world uses social media programs, which is called social media, which we use on a weekly or daily basis to communicate with all acquaintances, parents and relatives who are in various countries except the Arab world or otherwise, these programs varied, as each application contains On the advantages and specialist in one area for example this for chatting and free calls and the other for voice chatting only and each one has a field to do.

In our new article, we will talk to you about WhatsApp Gold 2021 Abu Arab version 9.20, which was very popular in foreign countries, especially in Arab countries such as: Qatar, Dubai, Saudi Arabia, Bahrain, Emirates, Egypt, Morocco, Algeria and others that currently are using WhatsApp with its tremendous features. About everything in the following paragraphs.

What is the golden WhatsApp Abu Arab

It is an official copy that is modified by the developer / Muhammad Al-Shammari, nicknamed (Abu Arab), as he works to disassemble each file separately and collect all the features available in all copies of other developers and introduce new additions to it and collect it in the name, pictures, and other things to be Different, distinct and known to everyone who uses it.

Download golden WhatsApp

Download WhatsApp Gold latest version APK

You can through WhatsApp Gold 2022 that there are a large number of wonderful additions that attract users, for example hiding the appearance in the sense that no one from your existing contacts will be able to know that you are online now, also the feature to prevent some people from your call so as not to be disturbed in some The times and you specify others who can call at any time you are on WhatsApp Gold 3ssem. WhatsApp Omar pink is also available from the same developer to operate more than one number in one mobile.

On the other hand, WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab allows you to activate the option to prevent deleting messages sent from the other party, and this is one of the new features that the developer recently introduced in the recent versions, allowing you to upload a status that exceeds 5 minutes or more in addition to sending more than 99 images at once. One is very large in size, having the option not to view the story for other people, meaning when a friend of yours raises a status, you can view it without seeing you that you have looked at it.

Features WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab

  • Hide appearing.
  • Hide two reading pages.
  • Show / Hide Writing in Groups and Chats.
  • Notice in case someone changes the profile picture.
  • WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab 2021 is the best currently modified application in the world.
  • Alerts you when someone is online now.
  • Deleting messages even after a long time.
  • Activate the option not to delete the conversations that the other party has removed.
  • Delete archived messages.
  • Dedicated stock available for downloading cases.
  • A department for written cases, photos and videos.
  • A Calls window is available.
  • Messaging a person whose number is not registered with your phone.
  • The presence of a theme store, and you will also find more than 3400 new themes.
  • Close a specific conversation with a password.
  • Where you will find more than one version similar to the specifications, such as: WhatsApp Aero .
  • Lock the internet only for WhatsApp, and the rest of the applications work fine.
  • Create two-step verification to increase security.
  • Putting a password for the application except with a fingerprint or a pattern that is difficult to spy on.
  • In WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab, it allows you to change the colors, application icons, notification icons, and more.
  • Increasing the number of group message members exceeding 1000 people.
  • New fonts suitable for everyone are available.
  • Back button to the main theme.
  • Change some style (s) for conversations and groups.
  • Change chat colors.
  • Control bubbles and health.
  • Control upper bar settings.
  • The ability to copy text from under the images.
  • You can choose a specific background for each conversation.

What's new in WhatsApp Gold v9.15

  • Based on the latest version database (
  • New button to download statuses.
  • Translate messages within all conversations.
  • Automatically add the dark theme.
  • A new option for you to be able to hide the privacy notice button.
  • Fixed an issue where Backup was not working for all conversations.
  • New fixes have been added in WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab 2022.

What's new in WhatsApp Gold v9.10

  • Based on the latest version available on Google Play with the number "".
  • You can operate more than one account in the same application.
  • Change voices when you record voice to your friend.
  • Hide archived messages through the main screen settings, then lines.
  • A new option for confirmation in case you want to send a poster in groups or conversations.
  • Remove the emoji pack that you previously downloaded.
  • Forwarding a message to more than 485 people at once.
  • Increase the number of status minutes to 10 and above.
  • Separate chats from groups in a dedicated window.
  • Fix the problem of force restarting the application.
  • We fixed an issue with slow downloading of photos and videos.
  • Other new fixes.

What's new in WhatsApp Gold 8.90

  • Updated to the latest version number ( available in the store.
  • WhatsApp Golden Abu Arab, which is characterized by the strongest currently.
  • New option to cancel automatic downloading of recordings, photos and videos.
  • Message archiving feature.
  • Enable self-masking messages.
  • Play story states without stopping if you play music on your device.
  • Through WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab, you can reject WhatsApp calls when you call.
  • Circle your picture in green in case your friend becomes online.
  • Activate more ZIP themes.
  • Transfer more than one message to 250 people at once. This feature is available on GBWhatsApp .
  • Long press to copy the text on the story.
  • Fixed an issue where photos were not shown in some conversations.
  • Fixed some problems when translating into English and Arabic.
  • Problems with outdated devices have been fixed.
  • Other fixes have been resolved in WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab Al-Jadeed.

Solve the problem of blocking WhatsApp Gold 2022

Some people have recently been suffering from blocking a lot of accounts in all modified WhatsApp, really, this is true, but not in Gold, but in the rest of the other versions, to avoid the ban, you can follow the following steps:
  • Enter the WhatsApp settings after that account.
  • Enter privacy, then groups.
  • Change privacy from all to my contacts only.
  • Now you are completely safe and no one will ever be able to block you.

How to activate WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab against the ban

Some users of the regular WhatsApp sometimes ask, after moving to Gold, how to download it, as it is very simple and does not differentiate it from the green WhatsApp, but today I will explain it to you in detail so that you do not encounter problems for any user.
  1. Download the latest version of WhatsApp Gold 9.10 from the link listed below.
  2. Activate the option to install from unknown sources through the phone settings.
  3. Install and open the program.
  4. Enter the country for example Saudi Arabia.
  5. Write your number without the country code.
  6. A 6-digit code will come to you, write it in the rectangle.
  7. Congratulations on installing the latest version of WhatsApp Gold 2022.

It is better for you to download the Internet Download Manager ADM application to download all applications very quickly, it is distinguished as the most beautiful application currently in downloading files at the highest speed so that you can download WhatsApp for free, I will put its link for you at the bottom of the article.

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