Download WhatsApp Omar obwhatsapp v43 latest version 2022

Download the latest version of obwhatsapp v40 whatsapp age blue pink maroon green

Download whatsapp omar , which consists of four WhatsApp plus obwhatsapp applications (WhatsApp Omar Blue, WhatsApp Omar pink WhatsApp, Omar Al-Annabi WhatsApp, and Omar green WhatsApp), which are modified by the developer Omar Badeeb, who is also developing some other versions, such as WhatsApp Sanaa and Hadramout.

Many developers of the official version of WhatsApp are racing to develop WhatsApp Plus versions that will make a clear transfer of the experience of chatting and correspondence between individuals and the exchange of files, and indeed many have succeeded in that, including the Arab developer Omar Badeeb .

The download links below, under each image, there is a link to download the copy, after clicking on the link, the countdown will start, then click on the download link and do not forget to return to the smart site for free programs when you need to download WhatsApp Omar obwhatsapp

Badheeb presented a unique set of whatsapp omar, the latest update that garnered a lot of encouraging voices for her, and at the forefront of those copies was the WhatsApp version.

Download WhatsApp Omar obwhatsapp v28 latest version

whatsapp omar burgundy, and then other versions called WhatsApp Omar pink , which is a pink color directed to girls and then WhatsApp Omar blue and green.

given the desire of WhatsApp Plus users to release a new version in addition to the pre-existing ones, due to the need to activate a fourth number on their devices, the fourth version of WhatsApp emerged from whatsapp omar green.

Choose the WhatsApp version you want to download from the bottom

WhatsApp Omar Badeeb, latest version of whatsapp omar

Whatsapp omar 2020 is a modified version of light size that comes in four different colors: WhatsApp Omar Blue, WhatsApp Omar Green, WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, WhatsApp Omar pink, loaded with new features that were not added to the original app.

This is as a result of the restrictions imposed by the WhatsApp company on it, but it was available on all versions of Whatsapp obwhatsapp, such as the Quran reading feature due to its inclusion on a special section of the Holy Quran and some Islamic additions of interest to the majority of users and other features.

Such as the new Facebook and the division of video cases or placing them as they are without being bound by the period that the green WhatsApp imposed on its users, and it also increased the number of characters used to write text cases with the ability to download Cases that appear within the temporary list of cases shared by friends.

And written copies of it and other options related to privacy settings such as hiding appearing and preventing deleting messages.

One of these copies can be used alongside WhatsApp Messenger to add a second account on WhatsApp or install them all when needed so that you have four additional accounts in your balance beside the official without causing any damage to other accounts or One of them is subject to temporary ban.

What is the WhatsApp Plus application whatsapp omar

There is no doubt that Whatsapp Plus copies are not a few, there are WhatsApp Gold, Blue

WhatsApp Omar Badeeb all copies

There are many WhatsApp copies of Omar Badeeb, but our focus will be only on four distinct copies of bright and beautiful colors, all bearing the same characteristics and providing the same services that will inevitably impress those who use them from his first experience, and these copies in order are as follows:

1- Download Omar Al Annabi OBWhatsapp

It is the first version that was put on the WhatsApp list of Omar Baheeb Al-Annabi, whatsapp omar burgundy, it came to meet the requirements of the application users that were missing from the official version and it is not limited to a specific category of users because its color is suitable for both boys and girls.

WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi

OBWhatsapp, the first version that appeared from this group, carried the burgundy color that is consistent with both groups of boys and girls.

When using it, you can keep the default appearance or change from it,Either by downloading a suitable theme from among the set of themes on the theme store in the copy or using the available colors And choose what you like to replace the old look.

Download Whatsapp Omar Al Annabi obwhatsapp

Download WhatsApp Omar Al Annabi obwhatsapp
تحميل العنابي البني

2- Download WhatsApp Omar Pink OB2Whatsapp

A version that features Whats Omar

pink that comes after the issuance of WhatsApp Omar pink,

which is the version loved by most girls and contains icons that suit their tastes and this is what made it their favorite version and adopted it as a special version for girls .

WhatsApp Omar pink OB2Whatsapp

This version comes after the burgundy version and carries the pink or pink color as some call it, known as WhatsApp girls, which is preferred by the majority of girls.

Download WhatsApp Omar pink ob2whatsapp

تنزيل واتساب عمر الوردي

3- Download WhatsApp Blue OB3Whatsapp

A version that features whatsapp omar blue, which suits the taste of young users, so it was adopted as a version for boys.

WhatsApp Omar Blue OB3Whatsapp is the third version in the list bearing the attractive youthful blue color preferred by the majority of young people.

You can take advantage of it and enjoy complete privacy that was not available on the official version, through which you can hide your view of friends' statuses.

And download what you like with one click, in addition to hiding your last entry on WhatsApp and other advantages.

Download WhatsApp Omar blue ob3whatsapp

تنزيل واتساب عمر الازرق

4- Download Omar Badeeb green OB4Whatsapp

The last version was organized into this group and was characterized by WhatsApp Omar green, which is close to the color of the official application.

WhatsApp Omar green OB4Whatsapp

Here we have reached the latest version that appeared recently after several requests from the followers of the developer Omar Badeeb  obwhatsapp to create a new copy in addition to the previous one, due to their need to activate a fourth number on their devices after they saw the benefit that they received when they used to copy WhatsApp Omar.

The green WhatsApp Omar comes in green, which is no different from the color of the GB WhatsApp and Ouji WhatsApp application, which completes the path that its counterparts began with the upgraded versions
and is part of the WhatsApp Plus group, which is known for its unique features and characteristics.

WhatsApp Green Plus ob3whatsapp

تنزيل واتساب عمر الاخضر

Note: The fact that we have noted that Watts Omar Pink obwhatsapp and Blue may be suitable for one of the categories that we mentioned when introducing those copies.

This does not mean that they are exclusively for that category in and of themselves.

Rather, they are accessible to everyone. Icons that match the tastes of that particular category.

Features of all versions of WhatsApp Omar Badeeb

  • Adding more protection against banning in WhatsApp Blue Age and other applications.
  • Extending the lifetime of copies to more than 5 months from the date of their last publication.
  • Adding the drop effects feature and adding new and different shapes to it.
  • Add a proxy breaker that helps to counter any blocking process that may be imposed by some countries.
  • Enabling conference calls to facilitate communication between family members and work crews.
  • Add the option to multiple chats.
  • You can now close the chat by swiping to the left without having to press the back button to the main interface.
  • Add an option to prevent people from deleting their statuses for you to be able to view them all, even after deleting them.
  • The ability to lock the application or conversations using a fingerprint, secret code, or pattern (pattern).
  • Enable hiding secret conversations and isolating them from the rest of the conversations so that it is difficult for the rest to see them.
  • Stop notifications of incoming messages from hidden conversations and prevent them from appearing with the rest of the notifications.
  • Notify the user who is online on WhatsApp, the people who have followed up on his status, and who has changed his personal profile upon entering the network.
  • Control the blue color of WhatsApp Omar, and chat wallpapers, through the set of colors that it provided to its users obwhatsapp.
  • Add the feature of translating texts into different foreign languages.
  • Add a group of fonts to the application.
  • Adding new app icons and chat notifications to replace the basic icons.
  • Add a new button to the chat interface that includes several options such as fancy text, explosive text, and text decoration.
  • Adding a new icon on the chat screen (Quick Access Bar) in which the contacts on the chat list appear to move between conversations without having to return to the main interface.
  • Added option to replace Whatsapp word with fixed user name and status.
  • Possibility to install 30 conversations instead of 3 in obwhatsapp applications.
  • Forward messages to an unlimited number of people without showing the phrase "Converted Message."
  • Activate / deactivate the phrase "read more" attached to long messages.
  • Other improvements and additions.

The difference with WhatsApp Gold

What is the difference between Watts Omar and the Gold Edition

We may have previously talked about the developed obwhatsapp Omar Badeeb copies, but we did not fulfill its right from the description, so we have dedicated this page to you through the smart site for free programs to talk about every detail related to those copies

and what They have updated on their content and content to be as much as their users trust them and benefit from its advantages are more and more.

WhatsApp Gold is one of the old applications that has won the approval of many users, and it is close to the WhatsApp version in terms of features

When is the right time to update the application from our website obwhatsapp

When does the update to the latest version are required?

If you received a notice asking you to download WhatsApp Omar, then we offer you all the modified versions of WhatsApp in which you will find all the new options and features that you have missed on the official version

under the reservations imposed by the developer on the green WhatsApp, obwhatsapp as its name is included in the list of the 10 best versions of WhatsApp Plus for the year 2020.

It was awarded the green badge to be one of the most prominent copies of Whatsapp Plus

Omar WhatsApp is the latest update that was placed in our hands thanks to an Arab developer called Omar Badeeb

whatsapp omar Through the set of copies he provided, he was able to extract WhatsApp users from the application that was limited to limited features and restricted by certain rules to a smooth and flexible application in which all the features of the application can be described as ideal, if you will.

It included all the features that users of the chat and instant messaging application were looking for, WhatsApp Messenger, and put it on a new and distinctive version, which increased the rate of demand for it and the users flock to acquire it.

Why is it required to update WhatsApp Plus Omar Badeeb OBWhatsapp?

In order to be safe, because updating the application adds more security to your account. There has long been talk recently about a problem that exhausted users of WhatsApp Plus and occupied its developers, which is the temporary ban or the lifting of the ban on the WhatsApp number

that was affecting some of its users' accounts

And their work is frozen until the ban is lifted, which required swift intervention to control the situation before the problem worsened further and each copy lost its consumers who began to return to the original copy.

Of course, Brother Omar Badeeb was able to remedy the situation by making some changes to the protection settings on all versions of Omar Al-Annabi, Blue, Pink and Green WhatsApp,

which made them safer and more stable than before and it became possible to say that they are ready to work without having to fear any blocking process that may affect the copy Against the ban.

What's new in OB Whatsapp latest version

  • The possibility of separating private group conversations separately.
  • Enable sending group messages to groups as it is for individuals.
  • A new look for the floating button with the ability to hide or show it by entering Omar add-ons and going to the chat screen options.

  • Add a new option to change the color of notifications from who saw the status and changed his profile picture.

  • Drag the conversation row for quicker access to additional options.
  • Added a new fingerprint interface.
  • Add a bottom bar for conversations at the bottom of the main screen.
  • Adding the night mode icon next to the internet covers icon on the main screen of Omar Al Annabi WhatsApp.

  • The feature of changing and downloading the emoji type from the style to reduce the copy size.
  • Add an option to see all deleted messages.
  • Run additional mobile stickers.
  • Add the option to use phone emoji.
  • Optimizing the arrangement of all age add-on options in a consistent way and suitable for all users.

  • Enable the option to hide quick chats options.
  • Improve the appearance of the WhatsApp Status Upload button and the Watch button.
  • Fix the problem of downloading media from pictures, videos, and other files.
  • Fixed status text disappearance when responding to a specific contact's status.
  • Fix not showing themes on the server.
  • Fixed the application crash problem when running the automatic reply and scheduled messages when switching the language to English.
  • Other improvements and fixes.

Features of WhatsApp Omar Badeeb old version

  • Complete privacy for whats omar users.
  • Add new notification options to the notifications pop-up list, including who is online, who viewed your status, and contacts who have changed their profile picture.
  • Auto reply to incoming messages in obwhatsapp apps.
  • Preparation of scheduled messages.
  • Add a proxy server to protect the application from any blocking process that some countries may impose on these applications.
  • Adding the quick access bar that hears the switch between conversations without the need to return to the main interface of Omar Badeeb Al-Azraq.
  • Add a transparent and night mode theme to replace the default mode.
  • Flag a converted message immediately upon forwarding the sending.
  • The ability to install more than three conversations on the main screen of Omar Badeeb pink WhatsApp.
  • Forward messages to individuals and groups, the number may reach 1000 contacts or groups.
  • The ability to respond to individual group members on private.
  • The ability to download and copy temporary WhatsApp statuses with one click.
  • Add new emoji, embossed text, and explosive text.
  • Extending the life of the copy to more than 5 months.
  • Activating cases such as instagrams.
  • Drop effects options with cool new shapes.
  • Reactivate @ Munchen, which shows you who mentioned you and made Munchen for you in groups.
  • Add an option Who can add me on green WhatsApp groups.
  • Delete messages on all parties.
  • Improve copy speed and performance.

At the conclusion of the Watts Omar article

In the end, we hope that we have been able to download WhatsApp Omar and we have succeeded in describing obwhatsapp WhatsApp Omar al-Annabi, pink, blue and green in the required image that it deserves. One device without having to own more than one device to activate it.

You can download each copy of WhatsApp separately or install them all in addition to the original copy so that you have 5 accounts in your balance without any damage to your device.

This was an overview of WhatsApp copies of Omar with download links for WhatsApp Omar blue whatsapp omar blue, WhatsApp Omar pink whatsapp omar pink, WhatsApp Omar al-Annabi whatsapp omar burgundy, WhatsApp Omar green whatsapp omar green, and all WhatsApp Plus copies are against the ban

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