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Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy omar obwhatsapp latest update 2022 WhatsApp Plus against the ban

The WhatsApp Omar Burgundy Badheeb obwhatsapp group expanded and spread among various groups, as WhatsApp included Omar Burgundy in a noticeable way, like its counterparts of WhatsApp Plus known as WhatsApp Gold and others, as its name was mentioned among the top 10 WhatsApp Plus versions of this year.

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When the first version of WhatsApp appeared, which is the official version of it, it appeared to us in one color that has not changed until this moment, which is green,

That color did not differentiate between any group, but rather it was suitable for all parties, so it won everyone's approval.

But the developers of the modified versions that came after that version, which are basically, had the credit for the emergence of the WhatsApp Plus group, which we always praise for its unique characteristics and features.

They wanted their copies to have another curve and another side that makes them more distinct from the original

They used to show new colors other than what WhatsApp users are accustomed to

From those copies, what is black and brown, WhatsApp Adam, and what is red and purple, such as WhatsApp Eve

The same applies to brother Omar Badeeb, where he distinguished his copy in four different colors and with the same features and features as whatsapp plus

Omar Badeeb was included in his account in burgundy, pink, blue and green WhatsApp.

Download Watts Omar Burgundy OBWhatsapp omar latest version link

What is obwhatsapp Omar Burgundy

The WhatsApp version of Omar Burgundy topped the list and bore the name OBWhatsapp, so this was the beginning of the process and the first key to the rest of the copies that followed

This version is neutral, as it was not only for boys or girls only, but rather it satisfied the parties and suit them all

Unlike WhatsApp Omar pink OB2whatsapp and WhatsApp Omar blue OB3Whatsapp

Whoever looks at its colors will notice that the first one suits girls to a great extent, as we have always known it was and still is the favorite color of most of them

If you look at the second, you will notice that that color suits boys to a large degree, as it was always associated with youth taste more than it is for girls.

We are bringing the latest version that appeared recently and joined the WhatsApp Omar Badheeb family, namely WhatsApp Omar Al-Akhdar OB4Whatsapp

It was developed according to the desire of Brother Omar's followers and users of his version due to their need to activate a fourth account on their devices

Its color may be similar to the original version, but it differs greatly from it in terms of the features added to it and the additional options available to it.

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When will the update be released?
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Why do we use the WhatsApp Omar Burgundy application?

We mentioned previously that the WhatsApp Omar download was among the most downloaded versions of WhatsApp Plus that affect the user

But why is all this? What is special about it and making it compete with WhatsApp Messenger? Like  WhatsApp2

If you have experience with WhatsApp Omar Burgundy or any version of the Whatsapp Plus group, you will understand how these copies were able to keep pace with the requirements of WhatsApp users and take them into account

Unlike WhatsApp Messenger, which was limited to limited services, it did not fulfill what its users were hoping for, and the company that developed it had no plans to improve those services, perhaps for security reasons or otherwise.


Improvements in this release

  1. Performance and speed surpasses other social media applications.
  2. Additional privacy settings in WhatsApp Omar Burgundy.
  3. Protection settings to keep the copy safe and reduce its exposure to blocking.
  4. Adding WhatsApp junk to help lighten the app.
  5. Change the color of the pop-up notifications for who is online now and who has seen the status and changed his profile picture.


What are the new additions that are available in the version

  • Quick access bar to move between conversations.
  • Vpn proxy cracker to ensure the stability of the copy and face any blocking process it may get.
  • Set the dark mode option and place it at the top of the main interface next to the Wi-Fi icon.
  • Assign a group of colors and several places to improve the appearance of the application.
  • Add the options of automatic reply and scheduled messages exclusively on WhatsApp Omar Burgundy.
  • Putting some Islamic additions such as the Holy Quran and Muslim remembrance.
  • Hide the contact's profile picture on the chat screen.
  • Replace OBWhatsapp with the name and status used firmware.
  • Add the option to display WhatsApp statuses in the form of icons similar to the way Instagram statuses are displayed.
  • Preparing a set of ready-made cases to select from and place them as a permanent case for the user.
  • New WhatsApp notifications include who is active now, people who saw the status, and whoever modified their profile picture.


Complete privacy

Which is represented in a set of additional options, including:

Hide the last appearance of the user from other contacts on WhatsApp Omar Badeeb

It is not a new feature for us as it is also present on the official application, but the difference is between both applications

It is via WhatsApp Omar that you can activate it on all contacts or assign a group of them

The other difference is that when you activate this feature using OBWhatsapp WhatsApp Omar Burgundy, the last appearance of the user is frozen

And install the last activity he did before activating this feature, and this thing cannot be done via WhatsApp Messenger.


Prevent any contact from deleting any message they sent you, even if it was sent by mistake.

Sometimes others have to delete what they previously sent you, perhaps because it was sent by mistake, or the owner has retracted what he wrote.

If you are a green WhatsApp user, he will be able to easily delete what he wrote without showing what was sent to you by him.

But when you use Omar Burgundy WhatsApp, this thing has become impossible, as this application enables you to prevent deleting those messages and you will be able to read them all

Thanks to this feature developed by OBWhatsapp

Enable the user to hide his view of friends WhatsApp statuses.

When you use Omar Al-Azraq WhatsApp account, you will be able to browse friends' stories without showing them that you have seen it, so it is preferable to hide status viewing

You can also view some cases and download them through

My options: Show Status View and Status Download attached below each shared case.


Phrase hides a converted message when forwarding messages

When you like the content of a certain message that you received from a friend, you will want to share it with the rest or specific people

You can do this using WhatsApp Messenger, but the problem is that those messages that you have forwarded appear to have a Forwarded Message Flag

This may be troublesome for you

But this thing will not happen to you with WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi, as I have added an option to prevent this sign from appearing in any form

When you activate it directly.


Hide and show two reading pages only after replying to messages

So that you do not have to respond to all incoming messages that you receive if you browse other citizens or do not want to respond at the same moment

This feature will give you this and you will be able to browse the application freely.


Secure the application and lock it in three different ways, which are either a fingerprint, a secret code, or an inscription

A new feature that you could not find on the official version of WhatsApp ensures that you do not compromise anything related to your privacy

It is a feature to set up a lock for the application using a fingerprint, secret code, or pattern

It is a feature that helped greatly to ensure complete privacy for users of WhatsApp Omar Burgundy and all versions of WhatsApp Omar Badeeb.

Link to download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy

 Download Whatsapp Omar Burgundy obwhatsapp

Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy obwhatsapp
Link: Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy
Download Whatsapp omar brown burgundy
Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy

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