Download WhatsApp Omar Blue latest version 2022

Download WhatsApp Omar Blue 2022 - Our world has become full of applications and games that have become very famous all over the world, and you can find on electronic stores a large number of service programs such as: protection from viruses, anti-virus, which specializes in imaging the desktop screen in addition to social networking applications that It is present on every phone and computer and people have loved it and always use it.

Of course, you will find more than 50 social networking applications that are used for instant chatting, individual calls, and group calls in addition to text messages and sending expressive stickers, but each program is different from the other in the sense that each one has additions that distinguish it from the other, for example: Tango is used for high-definition voice calls with a search for New friends from all countries and more.

Download OB3WhatsApp Omar Blue 2022 against the ban

Also, Azar program is used for video calls only, as you cannot communicate with anyone on the private, all through video calls, people from all countries who use the application will appear to you and you can chat with them with voice and picture and send expressive stickers and also allow you to add him as a friend so that you can get It is through the list of friends brought up by the official developer of the program.

As well as the WhatsApp application, which has received a lot of popularity by the great interaction with people from all countries of the world, it is used to communicate with family and relatives, instant chat and exchange of pictures and videos with high quality, but we may find some problems inside it, which is the inability to change the colors of the chat interface in addition to not preventing deletion The messages that everyone deletes with everyone except in groups or private chat, etc., you can download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi so that you can use two WhatsApp accounts in one mobile phone without fees.

Download WhatsApp Omar Blue 2021

What is the OB3WhatsApp blue WhatsApp download?

It is a modified WhatsApp version, the developer Brother Omar Badeeb OMAR OB3WhatsApp has downloaded the latest version of the original version and amended it tirelessly with adding more features until it finishes fully, including the feature to hide a notification that you record an audio clip except in groups or Conversations with Hide Writing and Read Reading .

Features of Blue WhatsApp Plus 2022

  • Download various emoji stickers and interact with friends.
  • Separate groups from conversations in their own section.
  • An option to activate the "dark" night mode.
  • Download WhatsApp Omar Blue v30 contains animated effects.
  • You will find there are more than 526 new themes.
  • Change the application icon, you will find a bunch of them.
  • Hide / show the floating (+) button and control its color.
  • Increase group memberships to more than 1000 people.
  • The possibility of changing the font, as you find 49 new fonts.
  • Add a bottom bar for conversations.
  • Significantly improve the Arabic language.
  • Save the status "story" for friends.
  • Change the colors of the chat screen.
  • You will find WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, the international version.
  • Change story shapes and emojis.
  • Swipe right to left to respond.
  • Control the upper bar.
  • Preview videos before uploading them.
  • Mention anyone you want in the group with @ Munchen.
  • Send clips in high quality.
  • After you download WhatsApp Omar Blue OB3WhatsApp, you will be able to close it with a fingerprint.
  • Increase the number of case characters to more than 750 characters.
  • Copy text from under the video or photo in the conversation.
  • Hide last seen.
  • Try downloading the new version of WhatsApp Omar pink .
  • Supports all Android devices.
  • Option to show group description.
  • Send the video clips in large size.
  • WhatsApp lock all programs.
  • You can schedule messages according to the time you like.

What's new in OB3WhatsApp v39

  • Get some fingerprint app lock improvements.
  • Night mode made available to everyone for free.
  • Automatically save battery.
  • When you download WhatsApp Omar Blue, you will get a big difference in terms of speed.
  • Main interface adjustments.
  • Add new lists.
  • Fixed the problem of not seeing some pictures.

What's new in OB3WhatsApp v32

  • Based on the latest database version (
  • Automatically stop calls while songs are being played.
  • Cancel automatic downloading of all media files.
  • Click on any text that will be copied directly.
  • You will know that your friend is online via the main screen.
  • After downloading WhatsApp Omar Blue, open more than one account with the same application.
  • Presence of all archived messages.
  • You can activate the hiding feature of messages.
  • Activate themes by uploading them using ZIP and others.
  • Forward multiple messages to 486 or more people.
  • Correct reading appears when responding in some groups.
  • Change the location of the person who changed his personal picture.
  • A feature has been added to remove (Read more) when sending a large message.
  • Fix the message counter problem.
  • Improve application speed.
  • Fixed an issue where personal photos of some people would not appear on Huawei devices.

How many copies of the developer Abu Omar?

You will find that there are a large number of copies, where you will find WhatsApp Sanaa and WhatsApp Hawa and Adam, but WhatsApp Omar is available in 4 versions: Download WhatsApp Blue, Green, Pink, WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi and others. You can run four WhatsApp accounts in one phone and you can use a large number From numbers in various applications, and now I will offer you the link from Mediafire.

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