Download imo messenger apk for iPhone Android and computer

Download imo messenger IMO application?

imo messenger apk application is an application that has been introduced to the digital market in the field of social communication in this messaging program it is possible to make high-quality video and voice calls at amazing speed, the audience of this program are the people for whom making video calls with friends is very important. 

The smartphone offers free software review and download of the imo messenger mobile app.

imo messenger app for windows and android and ios

How does imo work?

In recent years, messaging apps have played an effective role in reducing the distance between people and increasing social relationships. Video calling is one of the most attractive features of this free software .
Meanwhile, imo messenger apk offers more features to its users than other similar apps, that's why this software is the most popular and best video calling app, imo high security prevents hacking and unauthorized access to your information.

You can also increase security by setting a password in chats and groups. The imo messenger apk application will save you a lot of money on old communication methods by spending a small amount on the Internet, this program is defined in the Chats, Contacts, Search, Story and Program List sections.

Emo Messenger imo messenger imo messenger apk

The chat feature of imo messenger

After downloading and installing imo messenger apk , you will enter the chatting section.

This section of imo messenger apk displays a list of people you've talked to in order of most recent conversation.

Also, the groups that you created in these amazing messengers will be visible in this section.

Chat allows you to manage your conversations with your contacts, by touching the my story icon, you can view various videos or pictures with your name to your other friends.

In the My Story section, these files can be viewed for up to 24 hours, after which you will not be able to access them through imo messenger apk .

The design story is an option to connect more people and share good moments with each other.

After selecting an image as story, you will be able to add text and emojis to it.

By activating the location information icon, the desired site will be recorded on the image and it will be visible to all.

If you select the brush option; You can use different font sizes and colors to draw and publish the desired shape on the image, in addition, it is possible to edit and delete any story after publishing it.

By touching the new contact option for imo app, you can see your mobile phone contact list from imo messenger apk users, you will have voice and video chats with any of them, if there is a small green mark next to the person’s name, it means that the person is already online and your messages will be sent to him on The spot.

Shared contacts in imo

This part of imo is actually your contact list that has an account  in this app, if one of your mobile contacts does not own this app, you can invite it to imo via SMS by touching the invitation icon.

As imo messenger apk app developers team cooperated with whats messenger apps , it is also possible to invite friends through this app.

If you want to make video or voice call between multiple people, you need to create a group.

Also, by touching the option to create a new group, you will be connected to your contact list and by choosing the people you want, you will form a group in the imo program.

Download Emo Messenger Emo Emo Computer

Imo application list for iPhone and Android

The imo program menu makes accessing other parts of the program easier and faster.

By touching the font icon, you can write custom text that will always display next to your name.

This text could be a poem, a philosophical sentence, or anything that introduces you succinctly.

The setting option is designed for more program control in this section, you will be able to change the username, profile picture, app notification sound, traffic light message in imo messenger apk , group notifications, contact notifications, story notifications, download management, delete chat history, blocked people list, device memory and security.

Using the languages ​​option, you can change the program language. Languages ​​such as English, Arabic, Hindi and ... are defined.

You can purchase the subscription fee by touching the premium option to pay one dollar per month, you will be able to use more services of this program.

Features summary

In general, imo messenger apk app according to features like ability to make voice and video calls, high quality and speed, app and hacker security, encryption on every chat and group, sharing, amazing graphic space, adding stories and more interactions with people.

You can search for contacts in the list of contacts , voice recording, recording location, free access, and the interface easy user, and small size compared to the applications of other mobile phone, a different experience in the world of communications will show you to download the emo program, you can use the following link or scan an image QR code.

imo messenger apk download link for all devices

Download imo program for Windows

App Name: Emo Messenger
Application type: Communication applications 
License: Free 
Operating platforms: Android, iso, windows all

 imo messenger apk

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