gb whatsapp download new version anti the ban gbwhatsapp free apk

gb whatsapp download is not one of the oldest whatsapp plus apk copies developed from the official version for the purpose of adding new features. We only offer gbwhatsapp anti the ban. All the applications we offer carry the latest version.

If you want to start downloading directly  gb whatsapp app. Go downstairs and press the red balloon download link. I would recommend reading the article before you start downloading.

gb whatsapp download whatsapp anti the ban

In order to provide the best WhatsApp Plus apk apps and everything new in terms of modified copies, we present you today a new version of modified applications named GBWhatsapp after we issued our own version named after the developer Abu Jana gewhatsapp.

developed by GBWhatsapp apk, which was presented to us alongside WhatsApp Plus and GB3Whatsapp apk.

They all have the same qualities and characteristics that you can download the new update with a live MediaFire link from the bottom of the article. So to run and activate three numbers on the same device. Or choose one if you're satisfied with one number. It can also be used alongside the official app except Whatsapp Plus, which comes as an alternative and cannot meet on a single device.

A secure update against the ban suffered by users of previous versions. If someone falls victim to the ban in the previous version, they can now create a backup of the talks. Or he can dispense with this step when there is no importance to those talks. Then delete that version and install gbWhatsapp's latest version. We show you today, restore conversations that have been backed up and start chatting with friends and various contacts.

gb whatsapp download new version

gb whatsapp & gb whatsapp pro apk download update

Gps Update All copies are available with features and features such as those you find on Golden WhatsApp and WhatsApp Omar Pink, Blue and Anabbi.

Which was missed by the old Green WhatsApp to ensure the satisfaction of its users and provide everything they were looking for in gbwhatsapp pro many additions were added free of charge on Android.

Live download gb whatsapp links Click on the version you want to download below this text

The version you want can be downloaded through the two links at the top, namely gbwhatsapp and gb whatsapp pro.

Many are looking for a feature such as hiding the latest appearance from connected Contacts on WhatsApp and downloading WhatsApp cases with absolute ease. Copy written cases as well as modify the shape and colors of the application. through the colors and lines provided by these copies as a kind of renewal. In addition to the feature of keeping the reading place so that you will no longer have to reread all the previous readings and long messages. To get to the place where you stopped, it's enough to get into the conversation and you'll be taken to the end point of the previous reading directly. With little effort as well as privacy policy options, we'll mention them later in our talk about THE BENEFITS of GB WhatsApp.

Features and features of the new version GBWhatsApp apk

  1. Secure copies that are not subject to a ban are a feature that you will also find when downloading and trying the gb whatsapp download app.
  2. Enable automatic response work for incoming messages.
  3. Provide approximately 30 lines to change the application interface line and choose the most suitable line from the lines provided by these copies as well as change its color and size by creating three accounts on one phone.
  4. Preview the media without having to download it or save it in the photo gallery.
  5. Send a notification to the user if someone deletes a message from their device with the possibility of recovering it.
  6. Share WhatsApp video cases with a duration of more than 30 seconds the specified duration of the status in the official WhatsApp.
  7. If the user copies two or more messages, the date and name will be deleted as soon as they are copied elsewhere.
  8. Raise the rate of conversations that can be installed to 30 conversations after they are limited to 25 conversations.
  9. Start a conversation and WhatsApp with numbers that are not saved on the device easily.
  10. With gb whatsapp download apk three copies you can make group calls with family and friends
  11. The possibility of changing the language of the app as in WhatsApp Plus Blue.
If you need a file manager, you can use ES File Explorer to allow you to control the content of your device and create backups.

New WhatsApp Plus Features 2021

  • Send videos via WhatsApp gb and audio clips twice the usual size of media in Green WhatsApp.
  • The number of written case characters you can create has doubled to 250 from only 139.
  • Enable the response to group members' messages individually.
  • The establishment of groups and whatsapp whose supervisors have the absolute power to publish and change the image of the profile as well as the name of the group and its management in general without others.
  • Set up audio clips by pressing the recording button until the lock appears and then drop it to be automatically recorded without having to use the old way WhatsApp Green used to record audio.
  • Enable the writing of a description of the groups that explains the nature of the group's work and the purpose of its establishment for all members of the group and new members.
  • Add modern forms of bubbles, reading plates as well as app icons and rose message notifications.
  • Enable group messages that will be made to multiple groups in the latest gbwhatsapp version..
  • Notify the user if one of their contacts is connected now.

GB WhatsApp Privacy Policy Settings

gb whatsapp download offers its users the option to hide impressions so that no one can know when it appears on WhatsApp.
Set up a lock for the app and chats each one at a limit to keep the user private.
Follow the apparent and hidden WhatsApp cases without showing the other side that you have seen them.
Hide the reading and receiving plates and enable them only once the message is answered
Block some contacts and prevent them from making calls to you without showing them that.
Send messages to contacts without a converted signal appearing at the top of the text.
Hide the recording in whats gb and write while chatting so that the response suddenly appears to the recipient.

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We are in smart for free software we offer the latest GBWhatsApp & gb whatsapp pro update version 2021 free of charge. This app has many features already mentioned at the top, and each update has new features.If you can't gb whatsapp download, leave us a comment below.

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