Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy Pink Blue and Green

WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi - OBWhatsApp WhatsApp has become one of the best programs that we use on a daily basis and it is considered one of the social networking applications through which you can exchange text and voice messages in addition to that you can create free calls. but the person’s number must be saved from within your contacts, it contains all the features That makes the user settle for using it, for example: sending expressive stickers in all its forms.

On the other hand, it allows you to send a large number of pictures and video clips to your friends in private chat and in groups in addition to voice messages and display group information, but sometimes we need to download cases for others and hide the appearance, but we cannot, so today I will ask you to download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi another Issuance.

What is the WhatsApp Omar OBWhatsApp APK

The OBWhatsApp application is one of the most popular programs that has received a lot of popularity in recent times. as the developer / creator Omar Badeeb has modified the official WhatsApp by disassembling and compiling it with a wide number of new additions that are entered on a monthly basis for all users in the Arab world to enjoy on For example. changing the application colors, there is a copy of WhatsApp Saif Gold competing for it.

Download WhatsApp Omar

Download WhatsApp Omar 2021 latest version

You can activate more than one WhatsApp in one mobile by downloading the Annabi and WhatsApp Omar Al-Wardi as well as the Blue Omar WhatsApp in addition to the green version. all this version contains new and useful tools for all users such as: Hiding your appearance so that someone logs into your personal account and it appears that you are Locked but you are now online.

WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi also allows the presence of the feature to prevent deleting messages, meaning when a person deletes a specific message that does not disappear to you and a notification appears to you that the other party has deleted a message and you can enter to view it, there is a new addition distinctive which is closing WhatsApp with a password that only you knows and choosing the lock is a pattern Or a password and a fingerprint for greater protection from intruders.

Download Blue, Burgundy and Pink WhatsApp Omar 2022

You can make video calls in very high quality with the option to evaluate the call, prevent some people from contacting you and set a specific time for them, as well as download all the cases that are available in a specialized window. You can have a number of pictures, videos and GIFs. Once you press the arrow, it will be done. Downloading them directly to the gallery in the same quality that you saw on the story without any weaknesses or problems occurring.

Of course, the version is against the ban, because recently some users have had problems, while WhatsApp is blocking some of its users, and friends are surprised why I was banned? Because WhatsApp does not want you to use the WhatsApp version of Omar Burgundy 2021 or any other modified version. if you activate modified WhatsApp you will be banned after two months or 7 months because you violate the terms of their policy, but in the WhatsApp version Omar Al -Annabi and Al-Ahdar will not be able Nobody banned you.

General features of WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi against the ban

  • Hide appearing.
  • Hide the blue check for receipt.
  • You can hide writing in group and private sides.
  • Prevent messages from being deleted when someone else deletes them.
  • Determine who can contact you.
  • You can download WhatsApp Omar pink , the latest version.
  • A switched signal stops.
  • WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi is one of the most downloaded applications for this year.
  • Hide the view that you have viewed the story.
  • Send more than 85 photos in one go.
  • Send a batch of videos up to 100MB.
  • A store specialized in themes of all colors.
  • The group call feature includes more than 5 people.
  • Hide pictures and videos from the gallery that you download.
  • Add a picture-in-picture feature.
  • No one will be able to monitor you even if it is WhatsApp because it has a full encryption feature.
  • Save and send emoji stickers.
  • Change the application icon, so you find many that you can choose which you want.
  • The size of the application is now 35 MB instead of 51MB.

What's new in OBWhatsApp v43

  • WhatsApp Omar 32 is the latest version based on version
  • You can activate an option to hide messages.
  • Turn off automatic uploading of photos, videos, etc.
  • Knowing friends who are called by a green circle on his photo.
  • Show the blue checkmark when replying in the group.
  • Delete read more when someone forwards a large message for you.
  • Change the location of "who is online now", except to the right or left, or anywhere you want.
  • Add a new option for animation.
  • Through WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, you can activate themes in ZIP format.
  • Over 20 new bubble patterns.
  • It contains many input methods.
  • Hide / show archived messages.
  • Fixed an issue where more than one message could not be transferred in Chats.

What's new in OBWhatsApp v42

  • You can separate groups from chats in a special section for easy access.
  • Change the color of friends who viewed your status.
  • You are notified if your friend changes his profile picture.
  • WhatsApp Omar Burgundy Al-Annabi, through which you can activate the WhatsApp fingerprint lock feature.
  • The night mode feature has been activated for all versions.
  • Download types of emoji such as: Facebook, Blackberry, etc.
  • Modified status download button.
  • New improvements in Arabic language.
  • Some professional touches have been added in the now online form.
  • Small improvements have been added when sending a number of images at once.
  • Improvements to the main interface of the application.
  • Adjustments in program response speed. J
  • You can also try downloading Blue Age WhatsApp omar, which is an alternative version of the same developer.
  • Lock conversations with a password.
  • List adjustments.
  • Add new forms in the form of cases.
  • Change font size and type.
  • Turn on / off icon counter for messages.
  • Activate the feature to stay connected now all the time, but it may consume a large battery on your phone.
  • The ability to send images in high resolution.
  • Other new additions discover yourself.

What is the difference between the official version and WhatsApp Omar?

Of course, there is a very big difference between WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi Burgundy and the regular, as you find that the modified version has very many advantages that you do not find on normal WhatsApp. the first of which is to hide the appearance, download cases. prevent the deletion of messages, as well as close the application with a password that no one else has, and the official does not find it. The feature of sending images in high resolution in addition to converting more than 10 images at one time.

In the recent period, everyone loves the modified versions because they have many features that help users do what they want simply without any complications. if you use the features that we mentioned previously on a daily basis.

Is WhatsApp Omar safe?

Yes, there are no problems in using or activating one of the privacy data, such as: hiding writing in progress, hiding an audio clip, or I also download daily cases and send a group of pictures and videos in one payment, and I will never find a problem, so you can download it, activate it and try it and you Reassured without worries.

Download WhatsApp Omar Burgundy v43

The application is currently most popular with the presence of new additions, and the developer OMAR also said that its users have crossed the barrier of 2 million people in the world from all different countries except the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia or Bahrain in addition to the presence of foreign countries such as: America, Britain. Switzerland, Greece, Japan and other countries , So you have to be one of those users.

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