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WhatsApp Gold Alkasir 2021 - KBWhatsApp, which everyone loves, has finally been released. It allows you to download and activate more than one version of WhatsApp in one mobile phone, where you can run 4 copies in your phone so that you can communicate with friends without buying a new iPhone, of course it works without the partial ban Lately, many users came across because the company does not want you to activate a copy that the developers are modifying, so in the new versions, these problems that people get annoyed about have been fixed.

In my article this I will discuss a program that every Android phone user benefits from only, and also allows him to enjoy all the available add-ons that the user may need at some times, which is WhatsApp Blue Breaker 2021 suitable for all ages except young or old because it does not depend on a specific age similar For WhatsApp gold Abu Arab .

What is WhatsApp Gold Alkasir

It is a modified version of the official application of the parent company, which is based on dismantling and introducing everyone from the new features and tools so that all people can enjoy them. You can also find a pattern, typew, and fingerprint application lock feature to make the application more secure.

WhatsApp Alkasir

Download WhatsApp Black Breaker 2021

It will allow you to raise its status on your account with a video of more than 4 minutes in length, and this is one of the features that was recently released because the original, you can in WhatsApp Gold Alkasir upload a clip of only 30 seconds, the presence of a large number of themes and more than 1500 new theme works to change Shape the WhatsApp into a very nice look and modify the colors in the upper and lower bar and inside the conversations for friends while controlling the contents of the groups by adding a brief description of the groups and placing more than one moderator, and no one will be able to delete the creator of the group.

On the other hand, it provides the user with easy access to the automatic response, for example if you were not present on WhatsApp and someone came who wanted to contact you as soon as he typed one word, the response would be done automatically according to the writing that you wrote, also WhatsApp Gold Alkasir allows you to close WhatsApp Ab about the rest of the applications for a long or short period of time, according to your desire, with the addition of sending pictures with their true quality, meaning high accuracy.

WhatsApp Blue Alkasir features against the ban

  • Hide appearing.
  • Not watching the story.
  • Show the two reading records after responding to the message.
  • Prevent messages that your friends delete.
  • Upload other people's cases video and image.
  • Send a message to a number that is not saved on your mobile phone.
  • Upload a video status of up to 200 MB.
  • You can lock a specific conversation that you want.
  • The fierce competitor to WhatsApp red Abu Arab and others.
  • Increasing the number of people in group messages to more than a thousand members.
  • Upload themes from your phone.
  • Through WhatsApp Gold Alkasir you will find the Go to the first message.
  • The presence of the Holy Quran.
  • New icons in various colors.
  • Activate the night mode feature.
  • Presence of the scheduled messages feature.
  • Supports all Android devices, including weak devices.
  • Two-step verification process.
  • The ability to change the font and there are more than 50 new fonts available.
  • Change the colors in the main interface.

What's new in KBWhatsApp 8.90

  • Based on version number (
  • Against the ban, God willing.
  • The version has been extended for more than 100 days.
  • New additions inside WhatsApp Gold Alkasir in the main screen.
  • Update French and Arabic language.
  • Fixed the issue of not translating into Chinese.
  • Fix some problems in the chat screen.
  • Other new fixes.

What's new in KBWhatsApp 8.80

  • It contains a database located in Google Play number (
  • There is a new option for self-disappearing messages.
  • Change the voice when you are recording for a specific person.
  • Show a circle next to your name so that you can know who is calling.
  • WhatsApp Gold Alkasir provides you with a new option to confirm in case you want to send emoji stickers.
  • There is a blue tick when you are responding within groups.
  • Delete emoji files that you previously downloaded.
  • (New) Upload a ZIP theme.
  • Archived messages appear in the first conversations.
  • You can now copy the text below the case.
  • Change the location of the alert for whoever became online.
  • Fixed an issue where text was not copied from under the image.
  • Fixed an issue where read more was not pressed.

What's new in KBWhatsApp 8.70

  • Download version available on the market for free.
  • The presence of a circle next to the person's name to know if he was online.
  • A blue checkmark appears when someone in the group replies.
  • Installing themes in ZIP format.
  • WhatsApp Gold Alkasir allows you to copy part of the text from under the image or in the post.
  • Tap and hold the case to copy it.
  • Change the location of the logo (who became online (center, left, right).
  • Caution when changing a friend's profile picture This feature is also available on GB WhatsApp .
  • Having the option to self-hide messages.
  • Improved English translation.
  • Professional touches have been added in translation.
  • Fix the problem of the program crashing suddenly.
  • Other additions.

Download WhatsApp Alkasir gold and red

Download WhatsApp Alkasir 2022, which has gained wide popularity in the Arab world, is similar to WhatsApp Saif Gold and others, you can hide a large number of chats in addition to groups and set a password / pattern / fingerprint to protect more from intruders, the developer says with permission The application exceeded 1 million downloads and has more than 200,000 monthly active users due to the features it carries.

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