Download WhatsApp Omar obwhatsapp download apk 2022 new update

Download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi 2022 ob whatsapp download - It is famous for its content and is distinguished from the best social networking applications that have received great downloads and popularity all over the world. Mobile. as well as on computers, iPhones, tablets and Windows iPhones, in addition to the BlackBerry.

Each program differs from the other with a lot of tools, as Line is used for voice and video calls with very high clarity, and the ability to send pictures, expressive stickers and so on. then LinkedIn through which you can put a lot of posts on your account and all your followers can view and interact with it through Comments and likes. and today in the article this is the latest version of WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi.

What is WhatsApp Omar Annabi ob whatsapp download 2022

One of the most beautiful programs that have been modified recently by the dear friend / Omar Badeeb, who has worked hard since the end of 2014 and developed the application and dismantled the official WhatsApp and modified it by adding more tools that distinguish it from other copies. There is more than one version of the same developer for example Example: Download WhatsApp Omar Blue, as well as pink, green and others. You can try them.

What is WhatsApp Omar Annabi 2021

Download WhatsApp Omar Annabi daily update

You can get all the features that you do not find in the original version or in one of the versions launched by some other developers, where you can find a large number of themes in their different colors and shapes. and you can hide the appearance (now online) from all chat points in addition to hiding the writing and right reading And recording an audio clip. and no one knows that you have looked at some of the cases that he raises and you can activate the status watch for the one you want.

On the other hand, you will get, by downloading ob whatsapp download, the automatic reply feature. if there is internet on your device but you are a little busy you can write some words that will automatically transform when someone sends you a specific message and so he can wait until it comes and responds to it and this feature does not exist In the original version. you can schedule messages by typing anything you want and choosing the hour and minutes, and it will be sent to your friend automatically without your intervention.

WhatsApp Omar Badeeb features latest update

  • You can hide appearing.
  • Hide the two reading pages and correct receipt.
  • You can download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi without any files that contain viruses.
  • You can hide writing in groups and chats with friends and family.
  • You can hide any chat you want or create a secret code that no one knows except you.
  • Activate automatic reply to messages in case you are busy at times.
  • Upload a video of your case up to 21 minutes in length.
  • You can stop the application from running and make the rest of the programs work 100%.
  • You can send more than one scheduled message.
  • Lots of emoji stickers and send them to everyone.
  • Upload videos up to 147 MB ​​instead of 10MB.
  • You can change fonts from within the application.
  • Recover messages that you have sent within 24 hours or less.
  • Disable automatic media upload for every conversation you want.
  • Try downloading the WhatsApp Omar pink latest update.
  • See who became online or who visited your profile.
  • Sending any message to someone whose number is not saved in your mobile phone.
  • You can easily distinguish between a regular and a group message.
  • Send audio clips up to 200 MB instead of 50 MB.
  • Convert more than 140 photos at once for friends.
  • A unique counter is available for group statistics.
  • When you ob whatsapp download Al-Annabi, it will allow you to stop the automatic uploading of photos.
  • Look at pictures and videos before downloading them.
  • You can stop receiving calls for what you want.
  • Send images in high quality without cutting.
  • The presence of new patterns and bubbles.
  • You can choose an icon for notifications and for the app.
  • Hide date and person number when copying more than 3 messages.
  • Alerts you when an acquaintance changes their profile picture.
  • Add more than 1216 people within the group messages.

What's new in OBWhatsApp v42 update

  • New option to send group messages to groups.
  • Change the colors of whoever viewed your status.
  • New fingerprint interface.
  • Night mode is provided to everyone.
  • Improved application speed.
  • Fixed an issue where images were not downloaded on some devices.

What's new in OBWhatsApp v41 update

  • Available in the latest version on Google Play (
  • Through WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, you can add more people in group messages.
  • Hide or show archived messages at the beginning of conversations.
  • The possibility of a green mark appearing on the main screen indicating that the person is now online.
  • The possibility of opening two accounts in the same program.
  • You see a blue checkmark if you reply to anyone within the groups.
  • Uploading theme files in various formats, the most important of which is the ZIP that was recently added.
  • Change where your friend appears to be connected except in the middle, left, or top bottom.
  • Remove option (read more).
  • When you download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi, you will be able to cancel the media download easily.
  • Copy texts from under the video in case.
  • Forward messages to thousands of users.
  • Fixed an issue where app icons and notifications were not showing.
  • Fixed an issue where the stat counter was not shown.

WhatsApp Plus application pictures, the new update

Is there a difference between OBWhatsApp and regular WhatsApp

Yes, you find very big teams only inside or even in the icon outside, in WhatsApp Messenger you cannot choose many of the icons you want. but when you download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi and use it, you will be able to do that, but also there are more logos for teams in football except Barcelona or Real Madrid. as well as the Saudi League teams Al-Hilal, Al-Ittihad, Al-Nasr and Al-Ahly, with all colors and shapes, as well as specialized icons for notifications, and more.

Can I use Omar WhatsApp for iPhone 2022?

Unfortunately, you cannot download WhatsApp Omar for iPhone 2022 because it is specialized on the Android system only, but you may find some online store applications that allow you to download the modified versions, but I do not guarantee their correctness. you may find they have a lot of harmful files, so you should be careful and try Patience until a new version of iOS is released.

Download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi latest version 2022

What distinguishes ob whatsapp download from all other applications is the complete privacy that is inside it, where you can exchange millions of text messages and make conference and individual calls without any spying or hacking except by the developer or some people. as the application programmer said that it is available with full encryption for your privacy with others Meaning, no one in the world can see what you are doing, even if the owner of WhatsApp, so download WhatsApp Omar Al-Annabi and you are comfortable .

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