Download WhatsApp Abu Jana Golden whatsapp gold ge2whatsapp

Download and download the original whatsapp jaune Gold v24

Download WhatsApp Gold whatsapp gold  whatsapp jaune WhatsApp Plus against the ban WhatsApp Gold The golden update can be downloaded from Media Fire, the latest version from below. The topic
is that WhatsApp Gold “Gold” is one of the versions of WhatsApp Plus that we offer with a direct download link, and the new WhatsApp version is characterized by its small size
WhatsApp in apk format for Android devices, a free program, developed by Abu Arab, and modified by a new Abu Jana without ban, that supports hiding messages in WhatsApp Gold
To download GeWhatsApp for developer Aba Jana Abu jana from the download links below

Download GEWhatsApp
Download WhatsApp Abu Jana

Download links are below

What is WhatsApp Gold ge2whatsapp

Plus gold or gold whatsapp gold All of them are correct names that many users are looking for. We have developed the latest and best features of all other versions such as hiding appearance - hiding status viewing - hiding the sender’s name when copying messages. Application lock and the best features of the blue version were combined with the golden version of
WhatsApp WhatsApp WhatsApp can be downloaded from Mediafire easily

Abu Arab is the rate of the golden WhatsApp whatsapp jaune application, but it has stopped developing its version, so many versions have appeared that bear the name WhatsApp Gold, such as WhatsApp Abu Jana GEWhatsApp

This version of WhatsApp Abu Jana Golden contains four copies that can be installed together and work on one phone, so the Abu Jana Golden program was able to attract many users of the official application and the various WhatsApp Plus applications


The most prominent features of WhatsApp Gold for Android

  • plus The best unofficial applications are called developers or plus Remote communication is considered the latest feature of the yellow era, i.e. the era of courtesy. Conversations work as a state of rapprochement between friends
  • Raise the number of Astori case letters
  • Hide all conversations or conversations of your choice
  • The feature of instant messaging to any number without saving it in WhatsApp Gold
  • You can now add chat in new windows
  • Fast response, loaded with the most important acceleration software and reduce Internet consumption
  • Fix all compatibility issues that were present in some add-ons
  • The update for the application of the crown Abu Jana, the latest version, is a move with the click of a button to more features
  • It is known that communication is free, but there are applications that are not free, or in the correct sense, are prohibited in some Arab countries, and they represent a problem for users of some countries that have banned some communication programs
  • New, adding a lot of features that are not present in the official application of WhatsApp Gold, and WhatsApp Plus features have been integrated into the Abu Jana version

Link to download whatsapp jaune for free for Android

Update the download version of whatsapp gold with a direct and fast link for all versions of WhatsApp gold, the developer Abu Jana
, links to the new version for all users of gold

Note if the installation fails  , delete the previous version and install the new version, knowing that the conversations can be restored when activating the new version after the arrival of the code, press restore

Updated today V25

Download WhatsApp Abu Jana Al-Ahmar red


Download WhatsApp Abu Jana Blue 


Download WhatsApp Abu Jana Al-Dhahabi gold


Download WhatsApp Abu Jana Al-Wardi 


Is the golden version of WhatsApp against the ban?

Yes, it can be said that the version of the whatsapp gold program is against the ban. With confidence, the golden Abu Jana has been modified from the original version of WhatsApp and there are no errors in it, as you can get the most important new features in the Plus applications

Types of add-ons

It contains many Android users who can download WhatsApp Gold Abu Arab or what is called Abu Jana through the links of the smartphone website for free programs. The Golden WhatsApp
against the ban for Android The new features in the Golden Arab Crown work for a period of more days without requesting an update, except in the event of a problem, a problem will be added Quick fix and solve all features

All communication applications work with different features, in addition to the ability to speak with voice and video. Social sites have become alternatives to real life for the isolated and despondent in distant places. WhatsApp does not contain advertisements, even the modified versions called WhatsApp Plus.
In addition to all of the above, the update version of WhatsApp gold or the new yellow is considered the latest official WhatsApp Messenger application, since the version has the latest version that works on Android, and you can hide the conversations with a password

This version does not have any ads and it is modified from Abu Jana Arab abo arab The main advantages of the WhatsApp Gold program is that it is light in size and free and has a group of users around the world
It is full-featured and against reports and hackers, and it has become among the most used copies of the group, so do you want to chat and send media now and use the latest additions for iPhone phones, a jailbreak must be available, and the method for this is somewhat complicated

But for me, the Android phone group, the golden version of WhatsApp Abu Jana supports all phone devices and is equipped with the most important basic features of the original golden Abu Jana WhatsApp alternatives

The golden WhatsApp application is a version that is installed instead of the Abu Arab version. As for the rest of the versions of WhatsApp Abu Jana, it can be installed as independent copies such as gewhatsapp - ge2whatsapp

Download WhatsApp Gold GEWhatsApp Abu Jana is a modified application from WhatsApp Plus that was launched in 2021 for the first time, so it is one of the best new WhatsApp Plus applications and it is against ban and against reports 

Instructions and instructions in this application

If you have another version of WhatsApp applications, you can replace the version installed on your phone with the version of WhatsApp Abu Jana without losing conversations, and we will explain that below

How to hide appear? 
Click on the three dots and select > Abu Jana Add-ons > Privacy and Lock > Activate Hide (Last Seen) 

How to prevent deletion of received messages? 
This feature is enabled automatically and can be disabled through the privacy and lock settings under the option to hide appearance 

How to hide viewing cases "Alastori"? 
From Abu Jana's additions > Then privacy and lock, do the feature "hide watching stories / stats

How to prevent deletion of cases? 
This feature is already enabled from the WhatsApp Abu Jana settings, within the privacy and lock settings, choose Prevent deleting cases

How to hide read WhatsApp message? 
Go to Abu Jana's Additions, then Privacy and Lock, activate the "Show two blue health only after replying" feature.

How to hide the correct receipt or reading of conversations? 
From the top left of the screen, press the three dots, then Abu Jana Additions, then privacy and lock, and then contacts, as in the following image

How to hide the right to receive or read and write to groups?
From Abu Jana's add-ons, choose Privacy and Lock > Groups, then make the options that suit you

Hide Is it correct to read group messages or receive group messages?
From Abu Jana add-ons > Privacy and lock, then group messages, choose what suits you from the settings

How to change the password for WhatsApp?
From the settings of WhatsApp Abu Jana, then change the password, as the default number is 0000

How to set a backup question in case you forgot your password or pattern?
From the additions of WhatsApp Abu Jana, then a backup question, and write the question and answer

How to change the background of the lock for WhatsApp Abu Jana?
From the version additions, go to Change the background to the lock

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