gb whatsapp download latest version against the ban 2023

gb whatsapp download is a social networking application that you can download gb whatsapp from our website. One of the programs that we may need two versions of is WhatsApp, but how do you use two users? And used with two numbers in one phone only? whatsapp gb is one of the best apps for this. But what is WhatsApp gb? What are the benefits of whatsapp gb? In the following, we will review the characteristics of the WhatsApp Plus gb application.

Among the many social networking applications gb whatsapp has emerged. Because it is a modified version of the famous application WhatsApp Messenger. If you are familiar with the application, you can go to the link to download WhatsApp gb below and follow the instructions.

Download WhatsApp gb latest version apk

gb whatsapp download latest version gb whatsapp apk

You are using whatsapp gb You are supposed to have an important and busy job and your WhatsApp is full of work and personal messages. In this case, one of the smartest possible solutions is to separate your WhatsApp work from your personal life.

So you can use "gb whatsapp" gb whatsapp  is actually one of the best unofficial versions of whatsapp. Which allows users to use multiple accounts on one mobile phone at the same time. whatsapp gb has all the features of the original version of whatsapp. In addition, it has more features and capabilities that we will talk about in detail below.

You can download WhatsApp gb by clicking on the download icon below the next section

Download GB WhatsApp

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Download WhatsApp gb
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What is gb whatsapp

What is whatsapp gb

GB WhatsApp Messenger is one of the best Android messaging apps among the users. The new WhatsApp uses the same database as the original WhatsApp and allows users to have this version along with the original version of WhatsApp. It can be used in conjunction with WhatsApp Aero .

It can be said that WhatsApp gb is the best unofficial alternative that you can use instead of the original version of WhatsApp. Today WhatsApp has become an integral part of our social life. From casual chats to official WhatsApp ads. This is the key to your daily conversations and that's why this app is so successful. But the official version of the application like any other program has many limitations.

Millions of users enjoy and always use the official WhatsApp app. But there are many users who feel that many other features are missing in this software.

Is gb whatsapp safe

Is whatsapp gb safe and unattended whatsapp plus?

At first, this important question may be in the mind of every user: is it safe to use whatsapp gb? Can it be used with confidence? It is not bad to know that whatsapp gb uses exactly the same servers as the original version of WhatsApp, so it can be concluded that whatsapp gb is secure as it is and can be used safely and without worry.

download whatsapp gb

Check out the features and capabilities of WhatsApp gb

As you know, the original version of WhatsApp has many limitations, for example, in this version it is not possible to send files larger than 100 MB. You can only send a limited number of photos at a time. But WhatsApp gb goes in addition to the advantages of WhatsApp Plus, it is possible to send large files and you can even send 90 photos to your friends at the same time.

Another feature of gb whatsapp is that the maximum video upload size is 50MB (the original version is limited to 16MB). Maximum audio file upload size is 100MB (original version limited to 16MB)

In the original version of WhatsApp Green , you can only send videos with a maximum size of 16MB. But in WhatsApp gb version it is possible to send 50MB videos. On the other hand, there is a limit for sending audio files, and if your audio clip is more than 16MB, you cannot send it through the main WhatsApp. 

Fortunately this issue has been resolved in whatsapp gb and it is possible to send audio files up to 100MB , the good news is that in this version you can send the image without worrying about its low quality.

gb whatsapp download

What does gb whatsapp apk latest version offer

Below we answer the question of what is whatsapp gb and show the capabilities of whatsapp gb. One of the advantages of gb is that we can have good control over our privacy. For example Hide Last Seen GB version of WhatsApp also has all these features and you don't have to worry about such issues. We do not end here and there are ways to bypass them in this program, for example:

  • You can see the last seen of people who hid the last seen in the original.
  • It does not display the time of your last visit correctly.
  • Go online, but the time of your visit is for a few hours before that and even yesterday.
  • The message gets to you, but only select one person.

Another advantage of whatsapp gb as in whatsapp gold is that you can disable both audio and video calls and not allow anyone to contact you. There are many useful features of this version in this version. For example if someone changes their profile picture, gb whatsapp will send you a notification and inform you that your contact has changed their profile picture.

What is the reason to disconnect whatsapp gb?

Of course keep in mind that using whatsapp gb is not without problems and in the following. We will discuss “What is the WhatsApp GB problem”. One of the problems that users point out is that this program has stopped, but what is the reason for gb whatsapp to stop?

Fortunately, with the updated versions provided by the developer, the problem of disconnecting and not receiving WhatsApp messages was resolved and other users had no complaints about disconnecting and reconnecting. In the event of a disconnection, it is preferable to update the application before any action, because the copy period may have expired and you need to update WhatsApp gb. 

But if you encounter this problem. It is recommended that you check your internet and then remove the app from your phone once and reinstall it.

What is the difference between WhatsApp gb and WhatsApp Green?

whatsapp gb tricks What is the difference between whatsapp gb and whatsapp green

The number of characters allowed in the original version is limited to 139. But due to whatsapp gb feature you can type up to 250 characters in whatsapp status. On the other hand, it is possible to save WhatsApp statuses, including videos or photos, from others’ statuses through gb whatsapp. In the official version, it is not available and you cannot in any way save the photos and videos that are shared via the status.

It is not surprising that this version of WhatsApp has more features than the original version, which is why it is very popular among users. Features of gb whatsapp download for example auto reply is one of the very useful features for some users. 

You can define specific questions for the app so that if someone asks them, the app will automatically send you the answer you already set. To enable this feature, you can select the auto reply option through gb settings. And determine the automatic response and then the questions and answers required for the program. 

Hide messages as well as the ability to change the theme are other features of WhatsApp gb that we will talk about later.

Hide messages in whatsapp gb is one of the advantages of whatsapp gb

When you download WhatsApp gb, you will get another feature that is not available in the original version of WhatsApp. But it can be used in whatsapp gb and it is one of the important features of the application. It is possible to hide messages by hiding someone's messages from your home screen and encrypting them to move them to another location. 

Of course, this is possible in the original version by archiving, but there is no possibility to make a password for archived messages, and WhatsApp gb is superior in terms of security.

GB WhatsApp performance Ability to change appearance, color and dark mode

If you are using gb whatsapp you have more control over the look and environment of the app. For example, you can use different backgrounds or even change the messaging environment to your liking and only use one color. The original version, dark and light modes are also available and you can use dark or light theme depending on your needs.

It is worth noting that the ability to change the theme and color in the new update of the original version of WhatsApp is also available, and from now on you can change the background color in the original WhatsApp according to your taste. Even you can use dark and light "night mode" theme according to the available time. You don't need to install gb whatsapp just to change the theme.

When installing a new program, we may not be fully aware of how to use it and sometimes knowing the tricks can help the user to make better use of the application. One of the tricks of whatsapp gb for example (a problem reported by many users), is that sometimes they have to be online because they are too busy. 

On the other hand, friends and acquaintances may be online and tell them. And you don't have to understand they resent you for this purpose you can hide your online presence from view contacts in any situation through settings.

We hope that you can download WhatsApp gb We have answered well the most important questions. If you are using whatsapp gb make sure to share your experiences with your friends.

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