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7zip file compression program 2020 to decompress zip files

The file compression program is one of the main solutions to reduce the size of large files dramatically so far, many applications have been provided for compression in various formats, including the famous programs Winrar and Winzip, but 7Zip is superior to many other compression programs.
Including Winrar and WinZip, with a compression ratio of 2-10% Therefore, we have dedicated the topics of the 7Zip compression section to your knowledge of how to compress a file in 7Zip.
Download 7Zip 2020, the best program for decompressing programs and compressed files. Compress and archive files with the most powerful compression programs, competing with programs for decompressing and extracting files, 7-zip is a powerful program that competes with the Winrar decompression program   .
The file compression program is similar to the Winrar decompression program, which is easy to use, and it contains a file manager, a file browser for the computer and a command line to search for files and extract files for you to extract or compress them through the 7-zip 2020 program.

File compression program

The main control panel contains the necessary file extraction, adding and testing files, as well as copy, move and delete functions to easily manage files by the user.
7-zip 2020 and its function to extract and compress files at a faster speed than WinRAR and WinRAR supports many major compression and archive formats such as zip, tar, rar, iio
Fast archiving is the main feature as most of the features of 7-zip 2019 differ greatly from its competitors.
While WinZip only allows you to zip and WinRAR to RAR or ZIP, 7zip provides you with up to 5 different archive formats to choose from. 
The file compression program has the advantage of choosing the update method, depending on whether you want to add and replace files, update the archive, or just synchronize files. 
If you do not want any user of your device or another device to open your archive without your consent, you can set a password to protect your archive from spying or copying.
We particularly liked the splitter tool as it can cut your archive into equal parts to fit a CD or DVD or specify the size of each partition. It is useful if you need to distribute a particularly large archive.

Unfortunately, security is where 7-zip 2018 lags behind its major opponents. 
There is no option to scan the history for viruses and you cannot fix damaged or corrupted files.

Also one of the benefits of the file compression program is its ease of use, as the program is designed for the normal user's use and the Wirar program accepts the update directly from the company's website and supports many copies of Windows and the 7-zip 2020 program is one of the best compression programs as it prevents viruses from entering your compressed or archived files
7zip 2020 may not be as secure as WinZip or WinRAR 2020 but it is definitely more versatile and it works with more archive formats and provides many useful tools such as update or partition mode. 

If you feel that you are too limited with WinZip, and if you do not like WinRAR 2020, we suggest trying 7-zip 2020 and taking advantage of all its capabilities.
Infinitely more flexible than its most popular competitors, 7-zip is a powerful file compression tool
File compression software is useful to help you extract zip files and create your own zip files in many different formats.
With these tools, you can easily send large amounts of information or open zip files that you receive without hassle.

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Features of 7Zip to compress files strongly

Format options: This program can handle multiple compression formats. It can package files in 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR formats, and it can decode all these files, in addition to ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, and more.
Advanced capabilities: 
This app is clear enough that novice users will have no problem accessing its basic features.
But for advanced users, there are other options that make this software even better. 
These include the ability to create self-extracting 7z files and an option to add password protection to zip files.
Compression Process: The compression process used by this app takes longer to complete what some alternative programs do.
The presses executed through 7-Zip also require a lot of system resources as it progresses.
The file compression software is completely free to download and use, and its many shortcomings are outweighed by the few minor flaws that come with it.
If you are looking for an alternative to WinZip or another similar program, this is a good option to consider.
Publisher's description
From 7-Zip:
7-Zip key features: New 7z high compression ratio with LZMA compression Supported formats: Fill / Dump: 7z, ZIP, GZIP, BZIP2 and TAR; Dump only: ARJ, CAB, CHM, CPIO, DEB, DMG, HFS, ISO, LZH, LZMA, MSI, NSIS, RAR, RPM, UDF, WIM, XAR and Z.
 For ZIP and GZIP formats, 7-Zip provides compression. This is 2-10% better than that offered by PKZip and WinZip. Self-extracting capability for 7z format integration with Windows Shell File Manager Powerful Powerful command line version.

7-zip is an archive file with a high compression ratio. 
You can use 7-Zip on any computer, including a computer in a commercial enterprise. You don't need to register or pay for 7-Zip. 7-Zip works for Windows 7, Vista, XP, 2008, 2003, 2000, NT, ME and 98. 
And there is a port for issuing the command line to Linux / Unix. Most of the source code is under the GNU LGPL license. The unRAR symbol is subject to mixed licensing with restrictions of GNU LGPL + unRAR. Check license for details.

Download 7zip file compression program

Software license: Free

32bit Windows Download

Download the program: for the Windows version, it works on both cores
After installing 7Zip on Windows, it is best to make the necessary settings first, which we already learned 

How to compress files using 7zip

To learn how to compress a file into 7Zip, follow the steps below:

1- First, right-click on 7Zip in the Start Menu and from the menu, click on "Run as administrator".

Compress the file in 7Zip
7 compress a zip file

2. In the main 7Zip window, select the file and folders to decompress.

3- Click "Add".

7 Zip - Step 3
7 Zip - Step 3

4- A window will appear, the parts of which are as follows:


File and folder compression settings options

  • Archive: Shows the name of the created archive file that you can change.

  • Archive format: It allows you to select the output file format, you can specify the formats "7z", "zip", "tar", "wim".

  • Encryption: Allows you to specify a password for the output file.

  • Compression level: Allows you to specify the level of file compression:

    • Storage: At this level, files are not compressed and are archived only.

    • Fastest: performs very little pressure but very fast.

    • Fast: performs low pressure but high speed.

    • Normal: performs normal pressure at normal speed.

    • Maximum: Applies maximum pressure, which takes longer than previous levels.

    • ULTRA: Applies a very high and final pressure level that takes several hours.

  • Dictionary size: means better compression level.

  • Recommendation: Apply the best pressure at the appropriate level.

  • Word Size: Larger word leads to more compression. The recommended word size is 64.

  • Memory use for compression: Uses free hard disk memory to assist RAM when compressing a file.

  • Use memory to decompress: Uses free memory on the hard disk to assist the RAM when decompressing a file.

  • If the "Create SFX archive" checkbox is enabled, an archive file will be extracted.

  • Enabling the "Delete files after compression" checkbox deletes files that were archived after compression.

  • In the field below, you can type a password for the files.

5. A zip file called "ARCHIVED SOFTWARE.7z" is created.

File compression program


Compress a zip file using the Windows environment

You can also select and compress files in Windows without going to 7Zip:

1. Select the files and folders required in the Windows environment.

2. Right-click the selected files and click "Add to <file name> .7z" from the 7Zip menu.

Select a file compression program

3- The compression process starts and the process details and progress are displayed in a window.

Compression process progress

4- Zip file called "WhatsAppSetup" has been created successfully.

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Result of creating a zip file

The last word

Because 7zip is one of the most popular and powerful file compression software in the field of file compression, it offers the most complete file and folder compression settings. We have dedicated the topics in this section to 7Zip compression training.

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