How to install Windows 10 installation explained for beginners

Illustrated explanation of installing Windows 10 on the computer for the first time

Let me go to the main point without any introduction, to begin installing Windows 10, you must first download the latest version of the Windows 10 ISO file from the smart free software website.

After downloading the ISO file, you should play it in media like USB Flash or DVD and start the Windows 10 installation process.

You can burn an ISO file to a DVD using ISO Burner software, or burn and play it to Flash using a bootable Windows burning program like Rufus.

Download the Windows burning program for ISO to USB Rufus

Using USB Flash to install Windows is a better option as the Windows installation process will be faster and less expensive.

How to install Windows 10


Start installing Windows 10

To install any operating system, you must first restart your system and after the motherboard or laptop logo appears, press the Power key.

The boot key is usually one of the items in the following table:

Boot key table for all computer manufacturers

Note: On some devices, after restarting the system, when displaying the brand logo of the motherboard or laptop, the key to enter the Boot menu is selected.

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To enter the boot menu and select the bootable media, press the same key.

If for any reason you cannot find your system's Boot key, you can enter UEFI or system BIOS settings and from Settings section give Boot priority to bootable media (Hard Disk Boot Priority).

After restarting the system and choosing the bootable media, you will see the message Press any key to boot from CD or DVD ..

At this time, you have a few seconds to press a key on your keyboard and go into the Windows installation process.

Boot from flash memory and install Windows 10

The first stages of installing Windows 10 latest version

After seeing the above message and in order to start installing Windows 10, make sure to press the Enter key on your keyboard to enter the Windows 10 installation process.

In the first step, you have to select Next.

Choose the language for installing Windows 10

In this step, you can select Windows language and Arabic keyboard.

(After installing Windows, you can easily make these settings) Click "Next".

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Installing Windows 10

In this window, click Install now to start the installation process.


Choose the 32bit or 64bit version

In the Select the operating system you want to install step, you must specify the type of your operating system.

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(If you download the All in One edition of Windows 10 from Smart for Free Software, you will see this window)

Here STD stands for Standard, which means you have purchased the original edition of Windows 10 and have the associated license.

An OEM option is available to people whose hardware is already licensed by the hardware manufacturer.

(Like laptops with Windows 10 Home installed by default)

The DLA option is for professionals, people who haven't paid for Windows and permanently use whatever version they want for free.

(If you do not want to pay for a Windows license, you must select this option)

Regardless of the license type, Windows 10 is offered in several versions in terms of features.

I suggest you if you want to use Windows 10 at home, choose the Pro version to get features suitable for any task.

After selecting the Windows version and license activator type, click Next.

Agreeing to the terms

In the Windows 10 Application Applicable notices and license terms installation window, select I accept the license terms and click Next.

Windows update or a new Windows 10 installation

In the Which type of installation do you want window, select Custom: Install Windows only (Advanced.

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Partitioning the hard drive

In the Which type of installation do you want window, where you want to install Windows, you must specify the disk or partition required to install Windows on it, often the first partition is C, and in some devices the first disk is a storage for temporary files and you will know this if the partition size is in megabytes. Section 2.

Important points in choosing a Windows 10 installation disc

If your device contains a volume divided into multiple CDE disks, you can choose the CD drive and avoid the following three tips

Tip 1: The partition you choose to install Windows 10 should have enough free space (at least 20-30GB)

Tip 2: If you already have a file and folder in the partition in which you want to install Windows 10 (for example, you have not deleted the old Windows data from it)

And you have enough free space to install new Windows, all files and your folders will be moved to a folder called Windows.

Old on the same drive.

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Tip 3: If you do not know the partition where the previous Windows 10 is installed, it is best to first restart the system and log into Windows.Old, then give the name of the Windows drive, which is usually the C: \ drive.

Your specific name appears in the section selection section.

Tip 4: If your system is not already partitioned and you want to create a partition for your Windows drive, you must first select Unallocated Space and click New from the menu at the bottom of the page.

In the Size section, specify the size of the Windows partition in MB and then finally click on the Apply option.

Usually after creating the first partition, several more partitions are created automatically, such as System Reserved.


Choose a Windows 10 installation disc

Select the partition you want and click Next.

Windows 10 installation appeared

In the Windows Installing step , wait for the data backup process to complete, install features and updates. (This step usually takes some time)

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The computer will restart

After installing Windows 10 it needs to be restarted to continue the step. Windows Needs to restart to continue, press the Enter key to restart the system and continue the installation process.

(Otherwise, installation will continue after 10 seconds)

Install hardware components

After restarting the system, wait for some time for the installation to complete and configure the software and hardware.

Select country / language / keyboard

On the Just a moment page, you have to wait a little while to get to the language and country setting stage.

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Country selection

Select your country and click Yes (doing these settings is not much different, you can do these settings after entering Windows)

Choose your keyboard language

In the Is this the right keyboard layout window, click "Yes" so you can add an Arabic keyboard to Windows in the next step.

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Choose the type of keyboard layout

On the Want to add a second keyboard layout page, from the Windows 10 installation you can add an Arabic keyboard, for this purpose, click the Add layout option.

And in what language do you want to use for your second keyboard layout page, select Arabic from the bottom menu (Arabic) select and then click Next.

On the Which keyboard layout you like to use page, select the Arabic option and click the Add layout option.

On the How would you like to set up page, select the Set up for Personal use option and click Next.

Create an account and set a password

On the Sign in with Microsoft account page, you can create an online account for yourself called a Microsoft account. It is best to click Offline Account and make these settings later.

Write down the username

On the Who going to use this PC page, enter your name and click Next.

Create a password in Windows 10 installation

On the Create a super memorable password page, create a strong password for yourself and click Next.

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Reenter password

On the Confirm your Password page from the Windows 10 installation stages, repeat your password and click Next.

Security questions in installing Windows 10

On the Create a security questions for this account page, you must select three security questions, write their answers in the Your Answer section, and click Next.

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Installing Windows 10

If you want Microsoft to keep track of everything you do in Windows, click Yes on the Do more cross-device with activity log page.

(Otherwise, click No) When installing Windows 10, I prefer to choose No.

Instructions for installing Windows 10

On the Get help from digital assistant page, click Accept to enable Microsoft Assistant (Cortana) on Windows.

Install the latest version of Windows 10

On the Choose the privacy settings for your device page, you can specify the information Microsoft wants to collect from your work with Windows. (Disable anything you don't want and click accept)

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Go online and wait a few minutes for Windows installation settings and updates to complete.

If you have any questions or criticism about the Windows 10 installation tutorial, feel free to post a comment at the bottom of the page

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