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What is google translate?

google translate app or google translate can translate documents and it is one of the strongest services of google strong site that is provided to users for free in the minds of many users, the question is: what is google translate app  ? 

In response to the question of what is Google Translate, it must be said that these days, when translation is an integral part of every user in the web world, Google Translate has entered the modern world to establish a connection between the universal languages ​​and indexes of the world. 
Google Translator is now able to translate up to 100 live languages ​​in the world due to its upward trend in development and giving more features to the user since its inception.

google translate app to translate documents

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Join google translate app

Translate from Google or Google Translator and in Google Translate without the Net is one of the services that Google provides to users. Google Translate officially started translating in 2006. It is interesting to note that Google Translate initially worked on translating different languages ​​by translating the source language first To English and then text from English to the target language. 

With the advancement of technology and the introduction of artificial intelligence, Google did not leave the caravan and turned Google translate app into a more powerful service and so, in 2016, Google announced that Google Zayn translator had benefited from neural network technology, so translating the source language to the destination is not just word for word, It is able to translate the entire sentence smoothly. 

Now google translate app can translate documents with 100 live languages ​​from any source language to any target language.

What are the capabilities of google translate app?

Many Google Translate users and users are not aware of the document translation capabilities of Google Translate and only use the text-to-text translation feature.
Before that, it is necessary to give a brief explanation about the use of Google Translator from the smart site of the freeware .

google translate app

What are Google Translate services?

Text to text translation 

As shown in the image above, the source and destination languages ​​can be specified by two tabs (English, Farsi and Spanish are specified in this image), then to use Google Translator, it is sufficient to use the required text. 
Copy to the specified empty box, you will see the Google translate app for Arabic translation and it can also translate documents.

Google image translation feature

This feature, which is enabled in the Google Translator app, has made things easier for the users. 
To translate, you only need to activate the app's camera, which is a kind of scanner, and place it on the text to translate it by scanning the text. 
Google Scan Translator is one of the most popular method for translating texts among users. 
The ability to scan and translate images is one of the interesting capabilities of Google Translate Advanced.

Translate documents in google translate app

Document translation This feature, which can only be used in the online version, works in such a way that the document tab is selected in the image presented above, instead of the text tab. The Google Translate window changes as follows.

google translate app

What is translation of documents in google translate?

Here, all you have to do is select your document from the system and send the translation to Google Translate.
Translate an audio file in google translate

Talking and translating google translate app is one of the most interesting and possibly the most entertaining features of this google site. 
This feature is included in both the Google Translate website version and the Google Translate app.

As you can see in the image, the microphone icon is placed in the Google Translate text box. Click on this icon and you can now speak to Google Translate.

Save and copy the translated text in google translate app

Sometimes it is necessary for the user to copy or save the translated text as quickly as possible and with a few simple clicks. 
Google Translate has come up with a solution for this as well.

google translate app

In the image below, you will see an asterisk next to the translated word (the word "Hello"). To save the translation of the text, just click on that star, which usually turns yellow, and in this case, the popular translations requested by the user. 
Use it frequently and it will be saved by default.

Save and copy to google translate app

You can also use the Google built-in code to copy the translated text into Google Translate or Translate documents. 
At the bottom of the box where the translated text is located, there are two sheets (tabs) that are usually a copy symbol. 
To copy and use text, just click on this icon.

Android version Google Translate

Google Translator apps were so great that they were welcomed by users of the web world, so Google decided to offer this powerful mobile service and always available to users, so the Google Translate app version was designed for Android and iPhone mobile phones.

Google tried to offer advanced google translate app to users in android version of google. 
To use google translate through the application, you only need an Android phone, and Google Translate can be downloaded from Google Play or any other Android application that allows you to download various Android applications .

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What are the features of Google Translate?

One of the defining features of Google Translate is its offline use. There were many times that we needed to translate a text or a word and we could not connect to the internet, by activating the offline mode, we can translate the text or translate the documents we want when we are not online.

The translate app space is very similar to its online version. 

There are many icons in Google Translate in the translation box below. 
One of them is the camera icon and it can be used to scan and translate images. 
If you do not see any English text in the image by activating the camera, you will encounter the phrase English text not found.

You must know that to use this powerful Google Translate tool, you need good internet speed. 
The hope is that this tool fully supports the Arabic language and many Arabic speakers use the Google Photo Translate feature.

Advanced Google Translate

You can record and translate your voice using the audio record icon. 
To translate Arabic documents or texts, all you have to do is select Arabic in the Language box and translate from any other language into Arabic or any other language.

Translate to Arabic, Google

If you look at the list provided in the same tab, you will see that many live languages ​​in the world are supported by Google Translate, including Google Translate Arabic, which is one of the reasons for its globalization and effective use. 
Setting the source and destination language has added to the appeal of this program.

Handwriting tool can also be useful for users who want to translate handwritten text into any other language on Google Translate.

Some practical advice for using Google Translate

Those who have spent a lot of time in space and use it in various ways are familiar with Google Translate tricks. 
When translating any word in Google Translate, all words and phrases similar to the word in various formats (noun, verb, adjective, etc.) are provided to the user at the bottom of the translated text box, which is a complete database for each translated word. .

Many Google Translate users get the meaning of a word correctly and with minimal error through keywords and synonyms that are automatically added at the bottom of the box.

Google translate app has its drawbacks in translating niche words and often many students or researchers face this problem in translating their article by google translate.

For example, a board may be translated by board if we look at a page, to solve this problem, just right-click on the word to translate it and the correct translation will be displayed forever.

Another thing to mention about Google Translate is the use of the pronunciation section on the website or its app. 
Google Translate has the ability to re-read any word or text to you, helping learners understand the pronunciation of their texts and how to read it. 

When using google translate app, if there are better suggestions to translate a word or phrase to google translate, you can see the suggestions list by right click on the translated text.

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