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Call recorder applications are among the applications designed for Android phones, one of these programs is the Call Recorder program. These applications can record the calls you exchange in your contacts so that you can re-listen to them if you wish. 

We will talk in this article at our smart website for free programs and offer you an explanation about the best and most popular programs for recording calls accurately and clearly for both sides of the call, as there are many and many smart phone users who need to record their personal or practical calls for any reason or goal, 

it is possible to record these Calls helps them to solve problems or to complete and accomplish a cause or personal business, so from now all smart phone users can download the Call Recorder program to help them with everything they need from the goal of recording calls. 

What is automatic call recorder pro?

It is considered one of the best applications for Android phones that work to record all incoming or outgoing calls, as the application automatically records your calls without making any sound or alarm at the beginning or end of the recording, however without any notice in the main screen and the notification panel Download hidden voice recorder. 

Downloading the Call Recorder application gives you a lot of options as it records calls and saves them automatically in the phone's memory, but the application gives you the opportunity to choose between recording automatically or choosing not to record or having the choice for you after completing the call to save the recording or not, It is also possible to select specific persons to record incoming and outgoing calls from them.

Call Recorder Call Recorder

Features of Call Recorder application

Downloading a call recorder program named Call Recorder has become very easy and simple, as it is possible for all tablet and smart phones to download the application as it supports all phones that run on the Android system and is compatible with all versions 

as it works to record calls automatically and then saves them after completion 

From them in an audio file that the user can listen to at any later time, and through the program, the calls can be kept on your Google drive account and you can refer to it at any time to listen to it. You can record calls with pure and clear sound and in several audio formats, and the application includes features that help you to control the selection of sound accuracy, quality and format that is suitable for your mobile phone and work to record incoming and outgoing calls

On our smart site for free programs, we will show you everything you want to know about Call Recorder. 

How to download Call Recorder

For all mobile and smart phone users if you want to have one of the best and most popular call recording applications with clear and crisp sound and better than others, which includes many advantages over other programs, it is easy to download the Call Recorder program through Google Play. It is full of various, distinct and huge programs, whether free or paid. 

Steps to download Call Recorder software

If you want to download Call Recorder, you must follow several simple and very easy steps that will help you install the application on your device of whatever type, which are the following: 


You must enter the Google Play Store to download the program easily by clicking on the previous link, and then go to the Call Recorder download window via the Google Play Store.


In this step, the user must choose the word download or install, as the word differs according to the language in which the phone works, and this step is that the device gives the command to start the download process for the program.


After completing the steps to download the Call Recorder program, the application will become available on the device and the user can open and use it with ease. 

Steps to download and use Automatic Call Recorder Pro

It may have occurred to you that you spent hours trying to remember exactly what you said on your phone call. You may have already forgotten the important information given to you in phone conversations. Sometimes you don't have anything to write down this information or it's longer than you can remember. In this case, make sure that your phone has audio recording software installed. 

The link to download the audio recording program for Android is hidden, the download of the cool recorder program

Download a call recorder application with a direct link from our website Download Call Recorder


Download recorder program calls from Google Store " requires account " Download Call Recorder Automatic .


Downloading the Call Recorder app allows you to access the content of your phone call. 

The call recorder is activated automatically when you make a phone call and does not drain your mobile phone battery sooner. You only need sixMB of internet to download Call Recorder. This program is available to you for free. 

Call Recorder program Download hidden voice recorder Hidden audio recording program for Android

Password and subject in Call Recorder Call Recorder

Due to the privacy of your phone call, you will need to enter a password to access Call Recorder. 

This code is in the form of a row of several numbers. If you want to change this password, you must enter the PIN Protection section. 

You may not agree to a password on the application. 

In this case, click on Protect Pin to remove the program password. 

To change your Call Recorder password, first uncheck Pin Protection once, then re-enable it. 

A page is displayed where you can retype your Call Recorder password. 

Changing the color of the call recorder or the subject space may not seem necessary at first glance; But the topic has a direct relationship with when Call Recorder was used. 

If you access the Cool Recorder app when it's dark, select the dark mode. 

Otherwise, get help from Light space.

This change in Theme software will make your eyes healthier when working with Call Recorder. 

Of course, despite the blue color of the Call Recorder icon in both options, parts of the program are orange and only parts of it change color between black and white. 

Call Recording Cool Recorder call recorder

Call recorder main screen and change settings

  • On the main page of Call Recorder, you will see three sections: Outgoing, Incoming, and All Recordings.
  • Contacts you make with others appear in the Outbox section.
  • In the Inbox section, you can find the contacts that others have made with you.
  • Finally, all of your calls are recorded in All Recording.
  • Manage the calls you want to record using the Record Mode option in the setting section.
  • In this section, by selecting one of the options All calls, incoming calls only, and outgoing calls only, and no, you can specify the calls that the recording program will record.
  • Note that the setup section is in the program's dropdown menu.
  • The search icon at the top and bottom of the screen allows you to see the call you want between recorded calls. Just search for your contact name to view recorded content.

High Quality Voice in Call Recorder

One of the problems with audio recording software is the poor sound quality of the recorded copy. The creators of Call Recorder have done their best to ensure that this issue does not exist with the software. The sound quality in Call Recorder won't make any difference with the main conversation. In the setting section, you will see the option to increase the recording size. This option is designed to adjust the sound quality and volume in Cool Recorder. 

Cool Recorder Call recorder automatic call recorder pro

Options section recorded in the call

If you click on the three-dot icon next to each recorded call, you will see a list of several options. The play option will play the audio for you. Share voice calls on social networks using the share option. 
The options Call to contact and SMS to contact show you a way to get more contact with the contact. 
If you wish, delete the audio content by touching the delete option. 

Abstract of the Call Recorder application

Call Recorder download would be a good choice for people who share various information in their important phone calls. 
This free Android app will amaze you with the high quality of recorded audio content. 
To download and install Call Recorder, you can use the following link or scan the image of the QR code.

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