Learn how to clean viruses from mobile without having to reset

Mobile protection from viruses and spyware

It is not just computers that suffer from viruses, but Android devices are also vulnerable to malware. If you receive a virus on your Android device, you can reset the device, but you know that in this case, you will lose all your information. So it can be considered the last resort.

Mobile protection

So how do you get rid of virus without factory reset?

Check for viruses on Android phones 

Suppose your Android phone shuts down after every unlock. Or, you may not be able to download apps from the Google Play Store. It is not necessarily caused by a virus. So do not be afraid immediately! How many questions should you ask yourself first?

  • Did the problem start after downloading a file or program?
  • Did you recently download an app from an external source? (Except Google Play )
  • Have you registered an ad that you do not want to download a file?
  • Does the problem only occur when opening certain programs?

If the answer to any of the above is yes, then there's a chance malware is present. Fortunately, you might be able to fix it without factory reset.

Stay safe from the virus

Google Play Protect is now a part of all Android devices. An in-app security measure that scans apps and detects malware. Regardless of the source of the application, Play Protect works like an internal antivirus on your Android device. 

If you have downloaded all of your apps from Google Play, you are unlikely to catch a virus. Because Google first scans all incoming software and removes criminals. 

Downloads from other sources are completely different Installing from random sites and links under the pretext that something is free is a way of getting malware. So before you get a program, make sure the source is correct. 

However, this does not mean that all Google Play apps are useful. 
Some programs may fraudulently waste your money or steal your information using free software. 
Of course, they are completely separate from the virus. 

Like other operating systems, use your emotions. Do not download from a suspicious site, do not click on ads, and pay attention to the program’s permissions. 
Virus removal software from Android 

There are many of these programs on Google Play. But only a few of them are worth using. If you think you are infected with malware, download and use one of the following programs.

Malicious software

Malwarebytes , one of the most trusted names in computer security, also provides an Android app. The free version scans the phone for malware and removes any threats. It also has the ability to check program permissions and does not contain ads. 

The paid version adds instant recognition along with some other features that are not very important to most of the users. As a scanner and virus remover, this is one of the best hosts.

Bitdefender Antivirus Free

Bitdefender is another powerful virus removal program and is popular mainly due to its small size. 
The program has a minimal impact on the performance of the device and does not damage the device with additional parts. 

Even if you do the full version, there are ads. 
But if you can ignore it, this app is a good Android Quick virus scanning program.

Avoid these viruses

These are only two programs in this series, but it's safe to say that you should ignore the rest.

  • Offers from major companies like Avast , Norton, Avira, and others are pretty heavy on your phone.
  • Many programs that are posted as boosters do more harm than good. 
  • Browsers like Chrome detect and block harmful sites. 
  • Google's Find My Phone feature can find your lost phone. 
  • You can check program permissions on your own.

Security companies try to convince you to download a free antivirus and then encourage you to upgrade to a paid version, which is not necessary. 
Know that you do not have to pay for an Android antivirus.

Manually remove malware in Safe Mode

Hope the antivirus scan removes the malware on your Android device. But if not, you can use the next step.

  • Android has a safe mode and you should use it if there is a virus. 
  • Runs OS safe mode without running and disabling third-party programs. 
  • This means, you can find and remove malware easily.

Follow the steps below to enter Safe Mode:

  1. Press and hold the power button until the power menu appears.
  2. Press and hold the power button to start up in Safe Mode.
  3. Click OK.
  4. Wait for the phone to restart. You will now see a Safe Mode label in the lower left corner of your screen.
  5. If the phone does not start normally due to a virus issue then follow these steps.
  6. Press and hold the Power, Volume Up, and Volume Down buttons.
  7. When you see your phone logo, release the power button and hold the volume buttons.
  8. When the device starts up, you will see the Safe Mode label in the lower left corner of the screen.

Directions may vary by device and manufacturer. Search the browser to find the correct orientation for your phone. 

Once in safe mode, open Settings, enter applications, and select the downloaded application.
 In Android Oreo 8.0 or later, go to Settings, select Apps and notifications, and log in to see all X apps. 

Here, browse the list and look for malware.
It might be tricky, but think about which program caused the problem after installing. Delete all programs in that period of time, and you can also delete the programs that you did not download yourself.

Tap on the program to uninstall it and select Uninstall. 
Then start the phone normally. 
If you can't uninstall the app this way, it likely has access to the device administrator. 

Follow these steps to delete:
Follow these steps from left to right:

  1. Go to Settings> Security> Device administrators
  2. On Android 8 or later, do the following steps:
  3. Settings> Security and location> Device admin apps
  4. Select the program and check the box next to it.

Select Disable On Display.

You can now go to the program list and delete the required program as per the above method.

Virus damage to mobile Android system

After uninstalling malware, you may want to erase your Android device of any malware left. 
Unfortunately, mobile cleaning software is full of ads and other annoying things. 
CCleaner is a good show in this area, which of course has some problems, but it can still be trusted as a good program. 
It is recommended to back up your data when wiping it so that you do not encounter problems in the future.

Concluding remarks

If the problem is not resolved by any of the above methods then you should factory reset your phone. 
If you have a problem in safe mode, it might be a hardware and operating system issue, not a virus. 

You will lose all your data during factory reset, but it is better than using a virus phone. To get the best protection, be sure to upgrade your Android device.

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