Download the Aqar application for buying selling and renting real estate in Saudi Arabia

Download Aqar app to view properties near you

Aqar application specializing in showing and displaying real estate near you, using Google Maps, you will be able to buy or sell a property in Saudi Arabia

Many things that the program can display, such as displaying lands for sale in Saudi Arabia, renting houses or apartments, whether furnished or unfurnished

You may face many questions when you want to buy a new or used property, and this in itself is a problem with an application that facilitates all of this through your mobile phone, the matter will become much easier

You will be able to save time and effort to find everything on the screen in front of you, and in minutes you can decide which drug is most suitable for you and your interests

Aqar application


There are many advantages that the Aqar application will give you

  • Show all the properties that have been announced with pictures
  • Choose the type of property you want from a wide range of properties
  • You can submit your property to sell or rent it
  • Displaying all the properties that their owners want to rent
  • Provides a list of all services near the real estate, such as mosques, schools and hospitals
  • Contact the owner of the property or the advertiser to obtain further clarifications

What this application provides for real estate offices

  • Your property can be easily marketed and will be shown to hundreds of thousands
  • Ease of using the application to display your ads and add photos
  • Easy management of what has been published ads, whether to sell or rent real estate


Before buying a property, here are some tips that will help you

When shopping for a home on an Aqar app, make sure the people you are considering are affordable, but don't like them if they're not in the right neighborhood. 

Because you cannot change the neighborhood, it is possible to ignore the small problems of the house you are buying because you can change the house to your style with some changes. 

But the neighborhood cannot be changed, and on the other hand, whether a neighborhood is good or bad affects our daily life. 

Therefore, the most important determining factor when buying a home is choosing the right neighborhood. 

So before choosing a property, you must first find the right neighborhood to live in.

Due to the changes in the housing market, if you are going to invest in this area, you should be extra careful in choosing your neighborhood. 

Because if your investment is right and is paying off, then it will be executed in the right time and also by choosing the right neighborhood. 

But what are the factors that determine the choice of neighborhood in the Aqar application and help you choose the best neighborhood to buy a home. 

Increase in housing prices in neighborhoods with good facilities, proximity to major traffic roads, lower traffic volume in the area and other situations, more than crowded neighborhoods away from amenities and traffic, so investing in these more rational areas can bring you more profits .


Select neighborhood with amenities

  • Reaching grocery stores, bakeries, clinics or pharmacies, banks, laundries and many places that we visit daily to meet our living needs is a high priority in choosing the right neighborhood and it is at the top of the list in Aqar app.
  • If you have to travel long distances or have to travel by car to access the service and facilities and meet your daily needs, the long-term transportation costs will have a significant impact on the total monthly cost and it may be financially difficult to make it difficult for you so, when choosing a neighborhood, you should pay attention to the availability of these Places and check the distance from the house to these places.
  • In addition to checking the distance from home to service sites like grocery stores, sneak into stores and gather information about the quality of their products as well as their prices since some of these stores may only offer high-quality and expensive products, so purchasing these products daily will not be cost effective. For you in this case, you will have to make your daily purchases from stores far from where you live, which can be difficult for you and sometimes affect the total monthly expenses .

Aqar app download link

The latest version of the Aqar application can be downloaded from the smart website for free programs by clicking on the download link

There is a note after the download link 

تحميل تطبيق عقار السعودية
Download Aqar app now

Note : To be able to install the application after downloading you need to install the xapk application

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