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Oxford Modern Dictionary One of the best and most complete dictionaries available for Android OS, there is no doubt that all of you are familiar with the name and reputation of Oxford Dictionary. 

After the success of the program in the Windows operating system, it was able to produce an Android version of it, this application is a dictionary from English to English and Arabic, this dictionary contains more than 350,000 words that make you no longer need any other dictionary. 

Among these words, more than 75,000 words are pronounced with a voice, you can pronounce the words in this program in both English and Arabic languages, all you have to do is select the desired option and the program will pronounce the word for you. If you are looking for a reputable English encyclopedia, this program will be Without a doubt the best option. 

Oxford Modern Dictionary Oxford Dictionary


Oxford Dictionary of Modern English English

It is worth noting that the Oxford Modern Dictionary program is ideal for anyone, whether professional or amateur, many students now use this program at home or at work, and it should also be noted that this program has obtained a score of 4.3 in Google Play Store 

Oxford English Arabic Dictionary for Android The thesaurus is the address of one of the most comprehensive and comprehensive English dictionaries for Android, which contains the latest words and updates. 

This program contains more than 300 thousand English words, more than 300 thousand opposites and synonyms have been provided. For all words, there are different examples of how to use them, which teach the user how to use the desired word in different situations. 

Additionally, there are more than 75,000 pronunciations accurately recorded by English speakers in the program that you can use to learn the pronunciation of the words. 

Comparison with other translation applications

The Oxford Modern Dictionary and Thesaurus app is designed to be more user-friendly for this reason. The user can access everything easily and there is no confusing complexity in this program. You can enter the words and phrases you want in three ways, you can write them or say words and sentences or take a picture of the text you want. You want it. 

When writing in the search box, the program automatically completes the writing word and corrects spelling errors. In the new version, it is also possible to understand the words without entering a dictionary. To do this in any program, you only need to select the desired word or phrase and click "Click to translate" to see the meaning You can download this program now with a direct link from the applications. 

Unique features of the program:

  • Dynamic word search
  • Memory card support
  • The ability to look at history
  • Pronounce the words in both Arabic and English
  • Use the dictionary as an on-screen tool
  • Version 11.5.651 changes
  • Fix problems reported by users
  • The ability to move between words has been added 

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Features of Oxford Modern Dictionary English Arabic 

Oxford Modern Dictionary contains more than 300,000 entries with full descriptions 
Providing accurate pronunciation of words and phrases 
Ability to use offline 
Display variances and synonyms of words and phrases 
Has a variety of examples to learn how to use words 
Enter words by taking a picture or saying it 
Ability to save words for future browsing 
Direct translation of words In other applications, 
complete the words when typing in the search box

Oxford Advanced Learner's Dictionary 10th edition‏

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