Video Show is an easy-to-use video montage program for the phone

How to Use Easy Video Editing Software to Make Videos

There are many easy video montage, video editing and video making software that we always try to present the best and most complete to my dear friends Today we will teach you how to work with Videoshow, a program to make montages of images and music and create a video clip of your favorite images and song.

If you are looking for a light montage program that works on most mobile phones, regardless of whether it is running on Android or iOS, our application today works on both systems easily.

Explanation Video Show is an easy-to-use video montage program for the phone

It has a set of wonderful features that have facilitated the production of video from mobile phones, although the features of the application are limited, but it has a large base of users around the world.

And it may be in this article that you own this application on your phone, but you lack some instructions for the sustainability of the montage program, and we, in our turn in the smart free programs, will do a simple explanation supported by pictures to use the Video Show program.

To get started, just download easy video editing software and follow the following steps:

Download the program: for Windows 32 -Bit
Show video program download page

  • After turning on the VideoShow Slide Show option hit

  • Then select the required images from the gallery and click Next 

  • In the next step, you can choose one of the attributes that are right for your business

Note: If you are using the pro version of the program, you can also download the paid themes

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Explanation of montage work on mobile phone

Easy video editing program for Videoshow
Easy video editing program


  • Or if you want to use a theme you just don't have, click None
  • In the Sound section, you can add your favorite music to your clip
  • Just Music tab My music
  • Then select the desired tracks and select Add music press
  • You can also record and add your own voice using Voiceover option


Learn how to work with Videoshow to make videos from your favorite photos and songs
Easy video editing program

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In the Edit section, you can also make various changes to the desired clip:

  • With the Edit Clip option, you can change when each image is displayed or moved and ...
  • With other options, you can add text, stickers, watermarks and a logo to the video
  • Or, you can add a short Add Clip to the clip using the Add Clip option


Montage program for Android


  • Finally, after making the required video, just click on the Export option at the top of the screen
  • Then click Save to Gallery
  • And choose one of the required characteristics


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Easy video editing program
Easy video editing program

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