Open apk files program on computer and run applications on Windows

Open apk program on the computer Run Android applications on the PC

If you are one of those people who use smartphones, you must have heard of the name of the APK file.

APK files are created to run on Android platforms and of course their emulators.

In a continuation of the article, we intend to perform a full examination of the various ways to open and view this file. But first we will get to know more about the structure of this format.

Open apk files program on the computer

What is an APK file?

APK file is a software package specially designed for Android.

Many of us may not know where the Android system came from.

Android is actually an operating system designed by Google for smartphones, which is used by most of the big phone companies (because Google related apps like Hangout, Gmail, Google Map, etc. by default) 

It is installed on all Android phones.

The APK is designed to only run on the Google Android OS.

As a result, don't expect to run Android apps on the iPhone and iOS platforms.

An APK file is actually a package that contains all the information, code, source, and summary of everything the program needs to install and run, all in this APK.

Of course, some of the big games and software require data, which I recommend you read this one 

 The article is for more familiarity with APK files. (What is an APK file?)


How is APK file content displayed?

As we said, the APK file is a package that includes various icons, resources, licenses, etc.

From this it can roughly be concluded that an APK file is just a place to compile and execute files.

As a result, the APK file looks like a zip file.

APK files are structurally similar to JAR (Java Archive), and both are in ZIP format.

The interesting result is that with programs like WinRAR , you can access the contents of any APK file.

For example, we want access to Chess APK content for Android.

This file does not work normally in Windows and is as follows:

Normal APK file


Now to access its content, you only need to enter the phrase name .zip at the end.

To do this, right-click on this file and click Rename.

At this point you may encounter the rename warning, in which case click Yes.

(In fact, this warning tells you that doing so will change the file's format, which is exactly what we want in this tutorial)

Convert the file to a zip


This requires that WinRAR or similar software be installed on your system.

Then click on the new created file to open it.

Here you can access all files included in the APK package.

Of course, there are a number of special programs for this, but the easiest way to view APK content is this one.

View APK content

How to run APK file on emulator?

If for any reason you cannot run APK file on Android, you can run it on Windows.

It might sound a little strange, but how to play a file for Google Android phone on Microsoft Windows or even Mac etc.? Simulation software will help us here.

To play APK file in Windows, there are several emulators like bluestacks, NoxPlayer, MEum, GameLoop , etc.and each have different advantages and disadvantages.

Android emulators

One of the best Android Emulators on BlueStacks Computer.

One of the easiest ways to run APK files in Windows is to use the same program.

There are two ways to run APK file on Bluestacks, and both of them are discussed below.

Method 1 (manual installation APK)

There are various ways to download this software, but we always recommend that you download the program from the manufacturer's website to access the latest version and to be safe from any virus, trojan horse, etc.

To do so, first visit the BlueStacks game emulator download topic  .

On the homepage, click on the green BlueStacks download box.

The software installation file downloads.

Then install it like any other Windows program.

Download Bluestacks


After installing the program, if you haven't already installed any emulators on your system, all files with .apk extension will open automatically with Bluestacks.

If for any reason this does not happen, right-click the APK file and then click Open With ....

On the new page, go to c: \ Program Files (x86) \ BlueStacks (c is the name of the drive on which you have installed Windows) and select the Bluestacks program to run these files.

New Android Emulator:  Download the Latest Update of GameLoop PUBG Emulator

Run the app on Bluestacks

From now on, if you double click on APK files, it will start installing automatically on Bluestacks and you can run it.


Method 2 (download from Google Play)

As far as we know, Bluestacks is an Android emulator, so it supports Android stores like Google Play.

Sign in when Bluestacks installation is complete.

You should see Google Play on the Home screen (if you don't see the app icon, press F9)


Google Play on BlueStacks


After entering the settings related to Google Account and ... do so.

Now search for the required program on Google Play and finally using the install option, the program will start downloading and it will install automatically on Bluestacks.

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Install the program on Bluestacks


Hope this tutorial was helpful to you as well.

If you have any questions or problems about this tutorial, send them to us in the comments section so that we can answer your problems in this regard.

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