Fix the flash memory does not work permanently Do not open the flash

The flash memory does not work at all on Windows How to fix

The flash memory does not work at all or does not appear. This problem is rare in most home computers, but you can connect a USB drive to the computer and you will see that nothing happened.

Actually, Windows didn't detect your flash drive Do you think this is a hardware error or problem?

It may be a problem in the program, of course you do not need to worry and there is a solution to this problem.

Solve the problem of flash memory does not work permanently
Fix usb flash not showing on computer

Why does my computer not recognize my flash?

There are several reasons why the flash does not appear on the computer or that the flash memory does not work at all. These reasons are different and cannot be generalized to all stocks.

Reasons why the computer could not detect the flash:

  • USB drive problem
  • The USB storage is not properly formatted
  • USB drive lost (alleged USB drive died)
  • There is a problem with the USB port

Connect the flash to the computer

The first step is to make sure that the flash memory does not work permanently, not in computers.

To do this, connect the USB to the computer and see if the computer detects the USB drive.

Now open the launchpad.

To do that, press Windows key combination + R simultaneously.

In the search box, type diskmgmt.msc and then press Enter.

Open Run the flash memory does not work at all


When the new page opens, look for the external drives connected to your computer.

If the USB port is secure, it should be shown here.

Even if the USB drive isn't properly formatted.

Also, even if it doesn't have sections, it should still be shown in that section.


The flash drive management panel does not work at all


If you see your flash in this section, you can go to the flash format section to be recognized by computer from now on.

But if the flash is not visible in this part, then you need to follow more steps.

Check the drive again

You might be a little concerned if the USB stick doesn't appear in Disk Management or the flash drive isn't working at all, but the good news is we know at least that your problem is hardware related.

Now the question may arise whether the hardware problem is from the flash or from the port?

There is a very simple way to answer this question.

Connect the flash to the computer through other ports (if your computer only has one port for any reason, try flash on other USB-enabled devices).

Well, if this flash is detected by other ports, then the problem of the device was from the first port of that flash memory does not work at all due to a malfunctioning USB port.

Another solution is to connect the flash or even your phone to the computer through the same port if possible, if a new device is detected, then there is a problem with the flash device.

Note that one or more ports may be managed by a shared hardware controller.

In this case, you can try by inserting another USB device (such as keyboard, mouse, etc.).

Identification problems

One of the reasons that may cause problems between the computer and the flash is the USB driver problems that make the flash memory not work at all.

A driver is actually a file that allows devices like Flash to communicate with your computer.

As a result, if your driver fails, then almost any device will not be able to communicate with your computer and the computer will not detect it.

To find out, run the launchpad with Windows key combination + R, then the phrase devmgmt search for .msc in it.

In the new window that opens, do you see if there is a USB drive?


Device admin panel


In this section, do you see if there is a yellow exclamation mark next to the USB drive?

A yellow exclamation point indicates a problem with this driver.

Right-click on this drive to open the Properties panel.

Characteristics panel
The flash memory does not work at all

Well, in this section you should see an error because this driver is not working.

Sometimes we need an expert to understand what these mistakes mean.

But you don't need to worry at all, because Google will help you, just enter the Google error text.

In some cases, these drivers might encounter a software problem.

In this case, it is sufficient to go to the manufacturer's website to see if they have provided a solution to this problem or not, and if possible, you can update this driver to solve the problem if it is the drive software.

Now what if the developer's site doesn't offer a solution or an update?

The next step is to completely uninstall the driver once and then reinstall it, in which case all the glitches that occurred when installing the program may be removed and the driver will work again.

Well, if you've done all of these steps and you don't get an answer, then it's time to format the drive.

The flash memory still does not work at all if formatting the usb

Note: By formatting the memory, all the information in it will be lost.

You can solve any partition problem from Disk Management partition.

Partitions in Flash allocate space for storing data.

The sections break up big data into different parts that you can easily manage.

Now this partitioning can cause problems when communicating with the computer, and the computer cannot fully recognize the split information.

Go to Disk Management and right-click on the drive that was not partitioned yet.

Then click New Simple Volume to create a new partition.


Create a new partition


If your drive is partitioned but Flash is still not shown to you, be sure to name the drive you can access on Windows.

The flash memory does not work at all, of course, this happens automatically, but sometimes the drive name may be forgotten and the flash drive cannot be identified in Windows without the drive name.

If the drive name is not corrected automatically, right-click on it and use the Change Drive Letter and Rename Path option in order to fix the problem.




Now you may have done all of this and are still facing problems, all you have to do is configure the flash.

Right-click on the drive partition and select Format.

The important thing about formatting is to erase all of your data and information and it is best to save it elsewhere before trying to format.

If the problem is not solved by applying the previous solutions, you can still watch the following article and try the rest of the methods

Conclusion flash memory does not work at all

There are definitely several reasons why a computer might not detect flash, to solve this problem it's best to follow the above mentioned steps step by step.

Of course, if you follow the above steps and get no results, it is best to take your flash to a professional.

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