How to recover photos from a damaged memory card or flash drive

A tutorial to recover photos from damaged SD memory card

Pictures from damaged memory card can be recovered by following the tutorial in this article, storing information on flash memory or SD cards is one of the easiest ways to store and transfer information easily.

But for various reasons, these small and portable components may be damaged and other information about them may not be read by devices such as cell phones, digital cameras or computers.

In this post, we will introduce a trick to recover data on SD card memory cards.

Recover photos from damaged memory card

Recover photos from phone cards, digital cameras, etc.

How to recover photos from damaged SD memory card

I have already read the tutorial How to Recover Deleted WhatsApp, Telegram and Snapchat Messages in Smartphone for Free Programs .

For the SD card that contains your personal information, the data may also be erased or made inaccessible.

The data in this device is also lost forever and it seems difficult and sometimes impossible to recover photos from damaged SD memory card or other memory cards.

In this case, you can see the photos on your SD card again in a short time and actually recover them.

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What will the SD card content look like if it gets corrupted?

When the SD card is destroyed, the information in it does not appear in the previous names, for example, incomprehensible characters appear in place of the file name.

For example, the image below is of a defective SD card with all files and extensions changed for each:

Recover photos from damaged memory card


What do you do to recover photos from damaged SD memory card?

Step 1: Download ZAR Data Recovery Software

To get started, first download and install Zar Data Recovery Software Zar Data Recovery is a useful program that scans and scans an existing memory card to recover pre-existing data that is not currently available.

Download ZAR Data Recovery Program
Download ZAR Data Recovery Program

This program restores common photo formats on corrupted SD Card Search memory card.

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Step 2: Save the recovered data from memory cards

In the next step, you need to provide a place to store the data you recover.

This can be an empty drive for your system or other external storage like an external hard drive, and the amount of space you need should be at least the size of your SD card.

Note that if you are sure exactly how much space is used by the memory card, you can use the same space and less internal memory of the SD card.

Otherwise, even if the memory is if your card has more memory (say, 64 GB), it should take up the same amount of space in your system drive.

Then connect the defective SD card to the system with a suitable SD card reader.

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Step 3: Recover the damaged images from the memory card using Zar Data Recovery software

Before we start, it is worth noting that in the past we provided tricks for recovering deleted data in Windows 7 with which you can recover data without special software.

Now that we have the right place to save the lost and corrupted files and download the appropriate program, we need to recover the photos from the corrupted memory card.

In this step, you will read explanations about this program's settings in Smart Programs.

Note that during the photo recovery process, two copies of the image can be made.

This is not a problem and there is no need to worry about the recovery process being properly performed.

After installing Zar Data Recovery, you will see an environment similar to the following:

Recovery program from the damaged memory and flash drive
Photo recovery program from damaged memory card


In the first three boxes, you will see options, the first of which is Image Recovery Free. Select this option.

After selecting this option, the program will stop for a while and then display the message Enumerating Devices, which means checking that images can be recovered from the damaged memory card.


Recover photos from damaged memory card


The program checks the information in your system and of course the defective SD card and lists everything that can be restored.

You should see Corrupted SD Card option, which is usually seen as a mass storage device.

Select and then select Next.


Zar Data Recovery Program

After this step, wait for the program to recover photos from the corrupted memory card.

Depending on data size and SD card memory, this process will take longer time.

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Step 4: Select the files required for data recovery

In this step the files and images are listed and you can select which of the most important sections then save.

In this list there is an option for full or selective file recovery which we suggest if you have enough space then use the full file recovery option.


Explanation of file and photo recovery Zar Data Recovery


As you can see in the image below, there are two options on the left, RAW and FAT.

The first option, RAW, is to convert group files in a row into separate files.

The next section is devoted to these files with FAT structure, which will vary depending on the type of SD card.

Select the photos you want to recover

After selecting the files for sd card recovery, click Next.

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Step 5: Select the destination to save the recovered files

Finally, to recover a corrupted or formatted SD card, select the space that you originally wanted for these files and then click Start Copy.

Is it possible to recover from the corrupted memory

Your experience and suggestion?

If you know of any other corrupted SD memory card photo recovery software, please share your experience with us in the comment section.

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