Fix the disk problem is write protected using tools and programs

7 ways to solve the problem of write protected disk, memory card, etc.

The solution to the problem of the disk write protected Write Protection is a kind of protection against devices such as SD card and flash memory that prevents any changes to these devices.

For example, a write-protected disk problem prevents files from being formatted, copied, or modified.

In this post from Smart Software, we will present a solution to solve the write protection issue for flash and memory stay with us.

Solve write-protected disk problem

Troubleshoot and delete an error message writing protect flash memory, SD card

How to disable write error protection flash drive, Micro SD and SD cards

When using USB and other similar devices, errors sometimes occur which are better for you to be aware of.

USB device unknown error was one of the errors we already introduced in Smartphone Software.

Sometimes write protection error occurs due to material issues with the self-disclosure structure.

Therefore, before any procedure, it might be better to check the architecture of the flash memory or memory card and buy a new flash memory if necessary.

But sometimes the disk problem is write protected due to internal problems.

To get rid of this problem with flash memory, USB drive , etc., there are various methods, including Windows tools or advanced settings, which we check each.

Note that the write protection deletion trick works on most Windows operating systems, including Windows 10 and Mac.

Remove the write protection from the flash memory and USB drive

1- The first step when you come across the message to solve the problem of the disk being write protected in the flash memory, is to find the flash memory key, and the flash memory usually contains a key located on the outer surface and by moving the tab forward and back, you can open it.

If the unlock on the flash drive is damaged and can no longer be used, make a square tab with some tape and cover the relevant part with it so that you can replace the broken part with it.

If your flash does not have this switch, you must follow the next step:

If you are using a USB adapter card, this switch might be present on the adapter.

If you are using a Mac Book Reader card , there is a key specified when inserting it. Try moving the memory card switch in two directions.

2- Some devices allow you to change sharing permissions despite sharing protection if you are using Windows, right-click on the device you want and then follow the path below:

Share → Advanced Settings → Permissions

Share → Advanced Settings → Permissions

From the permission section , select full control , then click OK  .

If you get the file is write-protected message file   and this error is not related to flash memory or SD card, then don't disable write protection error.

3- Sometimes this problem is caused by the adapter you are using to connect your memory card for example, on the S DHC , SD or micro SD adapters , you may be able to see the file contents, but unfortunately the files cannot be changed in this case, see To the converter and compare the text on it to the type of memory card.

If you use existing card readers to view memory card contents on your computer, it is best to check connections or change the card reader.

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4- If the presented methods are ineffective or you cannot obtain another converter, pay attention to the following points:

Set up the registry with Diskpart in Windows.

If you are using MacBook , change disk permissions.

If you don't need existing files or administrative departments, format them as much as possible.

Remove write protection using Diskpart

1- In the Start menu, type cmd and then a popup called Command Prompt opens.

2- In the window that opens, type Diskpart and hit Enter .

3- Then type list disk and hit enter. This will list all available disks, including your flash drive or memory card.

To see which drives are write protected , check the icon for each drive in the computer partition. You can also extract the contents of the drive and rewrite the list disk to see which drives are gone.

4- When you are sure the disk is write-protected, type select disk X and place the name of the drive instead of x .

5- Type disk clear readonly attributes and press Enter. This statement disables the write protection limit.

6- Finally, type exit then eject the drive to solve the write-protected disk problem.

To remove USB devices without using Safely Remove Hardware, we have included an article in Smartphone's Web Software that can be helpful for you to read.

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Delete write protection message using Windows registry settings

Before trying to solve the write protection issue in flash memory and ba in this way, first note that the Windows registry is a convenient and ideal local place to access important information.

So just as accessing this partition can easily solve the write-protected disk problem, it may cause problems in other partitions.

To avoid these problems, try changing only the settings mentioned below.

So when you connect USB to Windows, you have to be careful to change the settings.

We have already provided a tutorial called USB Port Device Awareness, which can be helpful in this regard.

1- First, open the registry editor to open this section, just type regedit into the start menu and press Enter .

If you cannot access the relevant partition this way, registry error or registry errors .

Resolving a write-protected disk issue via the registry


2- Find the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE This folder is available from the Computer section in the left menu.




3- In the folder HKEY_LOCAL_MACHINE , find another folder called SYSTEM and open it.

Then open the Current Control Set and finally Control section in the Control section, find a folder called Storage Device Policies .

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4- If you cannot find the folder in the third step, create this folder i.e. Storage Device Policies .

To create this folder, right-click on an empty part of the page control folder, and then select the new option, folder , create one New  with the same name.

Flash repair is protected against writing by the registry

5- In the Storage Device Policies folder , double-click the Write Protect key and then change the Value data from 1 to zero .

If you created the folder according to the third step, right-click on the blank page portion, then select new , then DWORD (32-bit) value .

Rename the new file to Write Protect and double click it to change the Value data from 1 to zero.

Change the value of the registry

6- Finally, restart the system once to apply the changes and solve the write-protected disk problem.

Restart the computer


Remove write protection using Permission Repair (for Apple devices)

1- First, go to Applications → Utilities → Disk Utility to access Disk Utility .

2- In this section, all disks and drives are selected, select the write-protected drive.

3- Then select Repair Disk Permissions to correct all errors and solve the write-protected disk problem.


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Resolves write protected disk issue by formatting memory card or flash memory

Note that with this method, you will lose all the information on the sd card , flash drive, etc.and none of them will be available again.

However, they will completely remove this error.

Of course, if you find that the errors are caused by physical problems with sd card , then we have already taught how to recover photos from memory card from smartphone for free software.

1- To start resolving the write-protected disk problem on the sd card and ..., first unplug any device connected to the computer.

2- Click on the appropriate drive and select a format. This process may take some time depending on the amount of information.

3- On Apple computers , go to Applications → Utilities → Disk Utility to   configure and then insert the flash drive or memory card and click Erase from the tab on the left.

4- Open the Files app to format in Google Chrome book .

When the corresponding drive appears on the left, right-click on it and then select Initialize device.

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Solve write-protected disk problem with file disabled in Windows

To start, make sure you log in using the administrator account administrator for your.

1- Right-click on the file and then select Properties.

In the properties window, select the Security tab at the top of the window.

2- In the list, find your account name and then change the access to Read & Write , Read & Execute, or Full Control .

Resolve write protection issue with file disabled on Mac

1- First, right-click on the file you want and select the Get info option from the drop-down menu that appears.

2- Find the sharing and permissions section on the info page.

3- In the Sharing and Permissions section menu, find your username or username under the Privilege column next to your username, click on the read-only settings and then change it to read and write.

 Your experience and suggestion?

If you know other ways to solve the write-protected disk problem, do let us know in the comments section .

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