Download pubg korea update the pubg korea version

Download the Korean PUBG, the latest update from the Korean version

pubg korea is one of the most popular games around the world, and it is a game that is derived from the official PUBG Mobile game, but a Korean version of the game has been released and a Chinese version also, and PUBG, the Korean version, has a large base of users. 

PUBG Mobile used to be the best Battle Royale game for Android.
However, it has been removed from the Google Play Store due to the recent ban on Chinese apps by some governments. After the ban, the game received a lot of news in the media and disappointed a large number of players. 

Now that the game is not available in the Google Play Store, users are looking for ways to install and run the game. Well if you already installed the game then you can play it. 
However, if you have uninstalled it, you have to go through different methods. 

pubg korea

Steps to download pubg korea the Korean version of the Korean version of PUBG Mobile.

Steps to download and install the Korean version of pubg korea Mobile on Android 

To play the game after the ban, you must download and install the Korean version of PUBG Mobile. 

So, in this article, we want to guide you on how to download the Korean PUBG which is the Korean version of pubg korea and install it on Android.

Step 1: Go to and download the TapTap app.

It is the most important step to get pubg korea version in the latest update

pubg korea

Step 2: After the download completes, activate the unknown sources and install the apk file.

pubg korea
pubg korea version

Step 3: When done, open the Android TapTap app.

It is an app for downloading modified apps and games

Step 4: Search for "PUBG Mobile" and open PUBG Mobile Kr.

Now use the app search box and search for the game

PUBG Korean version

Step 5: Start downloading  pubg korea 

 Next, click the "Download" button to download the Korean version of pubg korea Mobile to your smartphone.

pubg korea
PUBG, the  Korean version

Step 6: After downloading, click on the "Install" button.

PUBG Korean version

Step 7: After that, allow the game to be installed on your device.

pubg korea version
PUBG, the  Korean version

Step 8: Start installing  Korean PUBG 

 Once installed, you can play the Korean version of pubg korea.

pubg korea version

This way you have finished installing pubg korea , you can download and install PUBG Mobile KR apk on your Android phone. If you're having trouble accessing the above steps, you might want to turn on your sugar cracker!

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So, this article covers how to download and install pubg korea version of PUBG Mobile KR on any Android phone. Hope you find this article helpful. If you have any questions about this, do let us know in the comments section.

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