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KineMaster  apk program, everyone likes to create video clips or what some call video montage, which allows all smartphone users to design their photos and make them in a clip, only small or large, and add transitions that have thousands of wonderful shapes.

When you access the Play Store, you get that there are a large number of programs that do the same field you want, but most of the applications are false that never serve the user. They are all annoying ads. Their main concern is profit not serving people, and the other is 100% honest, for example, Kine Master 2021 latest version . Download KineMaster Pro 2021.

What is KineMaster Violet ?

The KineMaster Pro application is considered the best and free application on the Play Store. It is about identifying several images on your phone and thus forming them on a video clip and controlling it by adding sound effects and specifying the different transitions for each image.

KineMaster Pro apk

You can also add texts or phrases and choose filters. You will find a special store with thousands of filters and themes that you can download whenever you want to use them in the design every day, allowing the user to combine 100 or more images into one video and modify it whenever you want.

Download Kine Master Violet from the best Android applications. It also supports controlling the speed of video clips and the volume level. You also find the translation feature for texts in addition to image formats such as: PNG, M4A, WEBP, etc.. You can preview or watch the video clip that you designed before saving it and if Everything is fine, you can store it on the phone's memory or external memory SD, in HD or FHD resolution.

There are some alternative applications to KineMaster Pro, for example , InShot Pro program, as well as Ukat , Video Show, Viva Video and other excellent programs that allow you to edit video into a professional format, which you can enjoy all the time.

Features of KineMaster Pro Program

  • It helps the user to montage the video simply.
  • Add a large number of photos in one clip.
  • Add a group of fonts or you can write manually.
  • KineMaster is a program that allows you to upload music to the video.
  • Sound effects, lighting and animation.
  • Kine Master is currently the best in video editing.
  • There are new emoji stickers.
  • Arabic, English, French and other fonts.
  • A store for downloading all design tools.
  • Share your video on Facebook .
  • Speed ​​up/slow video.
  • It allows you to record an audio clip directly.
  • Having a high definition FHD resolution.
  • Add classic stickers.
  • Choose a path to save the video only to the internal or external card.
  • Layer control.
  • Update the Arabic language.
  • A button has been added to return to the main interface.
  • Preview the video after creating it to correct errors.
  • More new features.

Is KineMaster free for life?

Yes, it is completely free. No user is required to pay a specific amount of money, and all this is to increase the number of its downloads and users, so rest assured.

Kine Master program without watermark

It is the application that has gained great popularity among users all over the Arab and foreign world, and its downloads have exceeded 520 million downloads, in addition to 245 million monthly active users. It has thousands of great features that give an impression to users, you can try it now.

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