GTA San Andreas PC Cheat Codes Passwords game car thief

Cheat Codes Car thief passwords secrets of gta san andreas

Many gamers are looking for passwords and shortcuts to win the game stage. Today, here are the passwords for the gta san andreas game by issuing the computer, as the passwords for the computer thief game became tiring, as while searching for the secrets of the computer thieves, we find that most of the sites transmit symbols Car Thieves for the Playstation, and this is very annoying as the user is looking for a computer version.

Gta San Andreas bladed game

Gta san andreas game codes Gta san andreas 
secrets of car thieves 

passwords of gta san andreas game 

These are some of the gta san andreas game codes that are written during play 

KJKSZPJ: Weapons (Set 2 
UZUMYMW: Weapons (Set 3) 
WANRLTW: Unexecuted Ammo No need to 
reload the weapon. JYSDSOD: Max 
OGXSDAG Muscle Level: Respect Level Max 
LFGMHAL: Jumping High 
IAVENJQ: Very Powerful Punch 

HESOYAM: Health and Shield Max Plus $ 250 000 000 
BAGUVIX: Lasting Health 
CVWKXAM: Breathe Underwater 
AEDUWNV: Not Feeling 

Hungry SJMAHPE: Recruiting Anyone Who Was ( 

Give Him A Pistol) PGGOMOY: Good Control

AEZAKMI: Police Never Look For You 
ASNAEB: Reset Pursuit Level To Zero 
OSRBLHH: Increase 2- 
Star Pursuit Level LJSPQK: 6-Star Chase Level 

Related To Car 

Changeover: AFSNMSMW: Boats Fly 
Drive From Distance COXEFGU: All Cars Carry Nitro 
CPKTNWT: Blow up all cars 
OUIQDMW: You can fire freely from the car (as in the game Mafia) 
RIPAZHA: Cars fly 
XICWMD: Invisible car 

related to the game surroundings: 

ICIKPYH: Very sunny weather 
AFZLLQLL: Sunny weather 
AUIFRVQS: Overcast weather 
MGHXYRM: Berserk weather 
CWJXUOC DARK : Sandstorm 

IOWDLAC: All cars are black
LLQPFBN: All Cars are 
Pink BGKGTJH: All Cars are Old 
FVTMNBZ: Country Cars 
GUSNHDE: Racing Cars 
THGLOJ: Light 
Traffic XJVSNAJ: Play at Night 
ZEIIVG: All Traffic Lights are Green 
ASBHGRB: Elvis Everywhere (GTA2) 
FOOOXFT: Everyone Carries a Weapon 
PRIEB funny uniforms 
AFPHULTL: Zee Ninja 
OFVIAC: sky orange am 9:00 
YLTEICZ: drivers of cars hostile 


SZCMAWO: suicide 
VKYPQCF: Nitro Taxi 
YSOHNUL: speed up the time 
LIYOAAY: slow down time 
PPGWJHT: speed up the time 
MROEMZH: gangs everywhere 
BAGOWPG: all Alahakk 
AJLOJYQY: Civilians carry golf clubs
BGLUAWML: Civilians are attacking various types of weapons 
IOJUFZN: war on the street 


a hesoyam: to raise money and blood white and red 
agbdlcid: big car 4x4 for sale 
JUMPJET: warplane 
OHDUDE: helicopter war 
KGGGDKEP: a small boat 
LLQPFBN: All cars rosy 
LXGIWYL: weapon 1 
KJKSZPJ: weapon 2 
UZUMYMW: weapon 3 
WANRLTW: keep Decharh arms filled not detract 

OSRBLHH: increase stars of the police 
ASNAKMI: decrease the stars of the police 
AEZAKMI: police Your friends do not Aadhunk 
AKJJYGLC: motorcycle 4 wheels 
LEDUWNV: jump very high 
SPEEDFREAK speed car 
BUBBLECARS: when cars fly touches
FOOOSCFT: Whole People 
Have Weapon KRIJEBR: Limousine 
YECGAA: San Andreas Fly 
GUSNHDE Car : Nice Cars 
ASNAEB: Nice Cars 2 
PRIEBJ: People Come Back Like Chicken

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