Download the pdf program the 6 best viewing programs for pdf files and documents

6 best programs to open pdf files Download pdf program for Windows 10 - 8 - 7

There are many blogs that offer high-quality and cost-effective free pdf download, but we offer you the best alternative PDF file openers listed in this article that are more attractive, rather than the small enough unused programs that are only designed to "open" files.

These programs offer unique features like taking notes on the page and coloring sentences and words.

Some of these programs contain editing tools that not even Adobe Acrobat Reader has.

Download the pdf program, the 6 best viewing programs for pdf files and documents


Google Chrome , Firefox, or Microsoft Edge browsers have a built-in pdf program without the need to download a pdf program if you have the latest update for the internet browsers on your device.

Of course, these PDF readers do not have all the capabilities of other pdf software, but using them gives you a very fast way to read files and also saves a lot of system resources.

Of course the lightness and accessibility of these programs have a price.

Sure, the PDF readers in internal browsers are not comparable to their peers.

In addition, these PDF readers do not have advanced features such as form filling, document coding, and note taking.

This is definitely a huge drawback, but for regular users of PDF readers, it's not much of an issue.

Download the Microsoft Edge pdf program

With this program, PDF files are opened in the same browser pages.

The only thing that separates regular pages and PDFs is the toolbar that opens at the top of the PDF.

With the available toolbar, you can search documents, adjust magnification level, print or save files.

Microsoft Edge

Note: This browser didn't have a PDF reader until 2016.

Although this issue has since been resolved, due to the novelty of this program it is always best to receive new updates once you are sure.

To change the default PDF reader in Windows 10, go to Start> Settings.

Go to Applications> Default apps and tap on Choose default apps by file type.

Then select the program you want in the PDF file extension.

You can choose another browser or another PDF reader after downloading the pdf program from below.

Open a PDF using Microsoft Edge

Google Chrome

Accessing PDF in Chrome is similar to Edge Browser.

The zoom level controls are located in the lower right corner of the screen.

In addition to the Edge browser features , you can also rotate the document in this program.

View the pdf file in the browser

If Chrome is your default browser but you prefer another program to open PDF files, you can disable the built-in PDF reader in Chrome.

Open Chrom: // settings / content.

Drag the page down and in the PDF documents section, select the Open PDF files in default PDF viewer application check box.

Make sure you have a default PDF reader for Windows.

Mozilla Firefox

Among the PDF readers in the browser, Firefox is the best option and there is no need to download the pdf program if you have the latest version of Mozilla Firefox browser .

In addition to the standard features available in Chrome and Edge, in this browser you can expand the sidebar, rotate the screen in two directions, and even use a feature called Hand Tool.

Open pdf files on Firefox

To disable this PDF reader, go to Menu> Options> Applications. Next to the Portable Content Type Format section, in the Action menu, select the option you want.

Opened with Firefox


Download Sumatra PDF

Since Sumatra PDF does not consume a lot of difficult system resources, it is the best alternative program that can be used to open PDF files from within the browser.

The program is also available to users as open source.

Also, if you want something simpler, you can download a portable version of the program instead of the desktop version.

Download Sumatra PDF program

Sumatra PDF doesn't have advanced editing tools or features, it's just an incredibly fast loading window that displays PDF files.

However, the program does support pages.

The synchronization of this program with keyboard shortcuts also speeds up the user's ability to open PDF files.

In addition to that, the program supports other formats such as eBook, CBZ, and CBR.

PDF download link:  Sumatra PDF

Sumatra PDF download link
Download Sumatra PDF


Download Nitro PDF Reader pdf

Unique feature: Combine with Microsoft Office software and provide a wide range of features.

If the company has an exit strategy, it's nitro.

Access to the program is designed entirely from Microsoft Office, just like Office, it has rich features.

Download Nitro PDF

Unlike many free pdf download, with this software you can fill out forms and mark documents with your digital ID.

You can take notes in this program or extract images from the file.

You can also convert PDF files into plain text documents.

Pdf download link: Nitro Reader 5 

Nitro Reader 5
Nitro Reader 5 download link

Download Foxit Reader pdf

Unique feature: The most powerful free PDF reader software

The Foxit Reader program one of the first alternatives to mainstream program Adobe Reader.

And it's still a great option, given all of its free partners, the only one that offers tons of features.

There are several editing tabs in the app's access bar.

These tabs have advanced editing capabilities.

Features include marking text, writing, managing forms and digital signatures, managing reviews, tracking changes, and linking PDFs.

One of the best features of this program is that it allows the user to add custom shortcuts to the Quick Action Toolbar.

This section is located in the upper left corner.

Download Foxit Reader

Like Nitro, the software is heavily inspired by Microsoft Accessibility.

Additionally, the software's editorial richness has a price: high use of system resources.

However, using the portable version of this software might reduce the amount of usage a bit.

Pdf download link: Foxit Reader 

Foxit Reader
Foxit Reader download link

Download the pdf program STDU Viewer

Unique feature: excellent performance in searching between multiple documents

This program wants to be the only program used to read specialized documents, books, and any other format.

STDU Viewer supports TXT, Comic Book Archive, PDF, DjVu, MOBI, EPub, a number of image files, and many other formats.

STDU Viewer

The unique feature of this pdf downloader is its ability to manage multiple and multiple documents simultaneously.

In this program, you can open files on multiple pages, expand the search page, create bookmarks and highlight sentences as you search between them.

You can also view small sections of existing documents and split the screen to compare different pages - in one document.

Another cool feature is that you can invert the colors, for example you can change the color display from "black on white" to "white on black background"; This reduces vision damage.

While STDU Viewer doesn't have all the capabilities of Nitro and Foxit, it is a great alternative for those who have to read a lot of digital files.

Pdf software download link: STDU Viewer 

Download STDU Viewer
Download program pdf: STDU Viewer

Adobe PDF Reader

Unique feature: Easy access and simple features

Adobe PDF Reader remains almost the standard program.

With a size of about 105MB - albeit without additional services - this program is the undisputed champion of the PDF reader software included in this list.

The good part is that Adobe Reader, with its fun access bar and lack of features, remains a popular app.

With this software, you can take notes and fill in different sections or define the formats and convert them to PDF or other formats.

If you are having trouble using other PDF reader software, we assure you that you will not have such problems with this program.

Download the pdf program

PDF download link:  Adobe Acrobat Reader DC

Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download link
Adobe Acrobat Reader DC download link

Is there another program you tried and that you like it and it is not mentioned in the list above? Put your comment below to put it in the article

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